In August 1914, Australians commenced enlisting to fight for England and its allies against the Central Powers of Europe. At that time, Wesley College, Melbourne, a Methodist school for boys was two years away from celebrating its 50 year anniversary with 4,725 students graduating since 1866.

Approximately 1,100 would join the Australian, British and New Zealand military services; 157 of whom would die as a result of service whilst many others would be permanently injured and/or mentally affected. Download a summary of the involvement of Old Wesley Collegians in World War I here.

Listed below are the details (where available) of those Old Collegians who paid the ultimate sacrifice in World War I.

Abernethy R. McC Lieutenant
Abrahams F A Rifleman
Addis C R Driver
Addison J J Lance Corporal
Alcock H T C Private
Alford R H Acting Bombardier
Anderson N B M  Lance Corporal
Atkinson C B Second Lieutenant
Banks G W L Private
Barclay A J I  Lance Corporal
Beatty Second Lieutenant
Bilson D L Acting Sergeant
Blaubaum (Bowden) E Private
Bolton R H Lance Corporal
Boully L H  Lieutenant
Boyd A Corporal
Brown K R Private
Buckland W J A Flight-Lieutenant
Bull L S Second Corporal
Carter D C Lieutenant
Cawsey C E Sergeant
Cheeseman G H Private
Chittick H B Private
Cochrane W Private
Coles J H Gunner
Cook H J Sergeant
Corbett A G Captain
Cowan G S Private
Cragg S B Second Lieutenant
Crespin R H Gunner
Currie H R C Corporal
Curwen-Walker J K Lieutenant
D'Alton W D Lieutenant
Daly C D W Lieutenant-Colonel
Davenport A A O Lieutenant
Denton E B Gunner
Dickinson H S Captain
Doubleday J L Lieutenant
Douglas A A Private
Dunlop J A Corporal
Eddy J R Captain
Edgerton E H D Lieutenant
Edis O E Private
Edmonstone N S Lieutenant
Elliot C C Lieutenant
Embelton N J Paymaster Clerk
Emery R N Lance Corporal
Emery W S Private
Ettingove Gunner
Eyre R H Private
Fielding N J Private
Focken L C Lieutenant
Fuhrmann C F Sergeant
Glasscock G W  Trooper
Grant E D Second Lieutenant
Greig N J Second Lieutenant
Grut P deG Private
Gullifer N Driver
Hallenstein D I Lieutenant
Harris W L Corporal
Hatch W R Corporal
Hennessey W G M Second Lieutenant
Heritage F H G N Lieutenant
Hills G H Lance Corporal
Holden N G Gunner
Holmes L G Captain
Hooper B J Private
Howes W P Corporal
Hughes M R Captain
Huntsman H R  Private
Hurley J C Lance Corporal
Hyndman H L Bombardier
Jenkin W Second Lieutenant
Johnson C B H Private
Johnson T R Private
Jones G E Sergeant
Julian W C Private
Keast W R Lieutenant
Kellaway F G Lieutenant
Kennedy E K Private
Kennedy Corporal
Kenney W H Private
Kernot E W P Private
Kerr A J  Lieutenant
Kerr EJ Captain
Kimberley G J C Corporal
Kozminsky M E Second Lieutenant
Lancaster C W Corporal
Lear E N Sergeant
Leckie W A Lieutenant
Lewis O G Lieutenant
Lister R M Sergeant
Lloyd G F Warrant Officer Second Class
Long C J Private
MackayA BPrivate
MackieA GGunner
MackieJ SActing Bombardier
MaclureG S Second Lieutenant
MarshC GSecond Lieutenant
MartinS CCorporal
McBrideA J Gunner
McClureN JSergeant
McCutchan F MSecond Lieutenant
McDonaldA WPrivate
MichaelisF MActing Sergeant
MichaelisG MLieutenant
MorgansF LPrivate
NaylorF HCaptain
NewhamJ DSecond Lieutenant
NivenH JActing Corporal
OsborneF R WGunner
OswellJ EGunner
PitcherE AGunner
PleasanceE H Private
PowellW TPrivate
ProcterR APrivate
RawW WSergeant
RetchfordH ESecond Lieutenant
RintelH LLieutenant
RisbeyG SPrivate
RoslingA PSecond Lieutenant
RowlandsJ DCorporal
SkidmoreLLance Corporal
SpeedieA P HDriver
StirlingF MSecond Lieutenant
StockfeldG RCaptain
StubbsC WSapper
SweetlandS JSergeant
TempletonT HLieutenant
ThomasE CPrivate
TreadgoldC ACorporal
TregearR TGunner
VaseyJ BCorporal
WainwrightA FPrivate
WallA G NSecond Lieutenant
WallaceJ DLance Bombardier
Warne-SmithS WPrivate
Warne-SmithW ELieutenant
WatsonPLance Corporal
WhiteJ BPrivate
WilliamsC D Private
WilliamsC EPrivate
WilliamsG ACorporal
WilliamsR ESergeant
WillisW OCaptain
WilsonR GLieutenant-Colonel
WolfendenC WLieutenant
WoodsJ A C Temporary Sergeant
WorrallE SLieutenant
YoungP JLance Corporal