Wesley is one of Australia’s largest and oldest independent schools, and the Wesley College Council is mindful of the many stakeholders who are interested in its performance and activities.

Council requires College compliance with all government laws and regulatory requirements, including those associated with Commonwealth and state government funding obligations.

The Council publishes the following reports to the Wesley community:

  • Community and statutory reporting of Commonwealth government mandated information related to educational performance
  • Triennial Strategic Review
Fee setting and budgeting

We understand that school education is a significant investment and parents need to be confident this cost is put to good use. During the annual fee-setting process, the Council considers the College’s position relative to other schools in order to offer fees that are competitive, using a range of financial and educational indicators to ensure we are offering value.

An annual budget is drafted by the Executive Management Team and is subject to review by the Council’s Finance and Risk Management Committee prior to consideration and adoption by Council on an annual basis. The Council’s objective is that Wesley provide a world-class education program and generate a small annual surplus retained for the benefit of the school (including financing those times when the College incurs a deficit in a year).

Wesley publishes annual reports but does not provide detailed operational financial information. The Principal or the Business Director and Chief Financial Officer may at their discretion respond to requests for financial information.


Wesley provides reporting on activities via our website including:

Prospective parents are welcome to contact the school to receive recent editions of these and other documents related to the College and its programs.

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