Rights and Responsibilities Charter


Values and aspirations that underpin the Rights and Responsibilities Charter: respect, kindness, acceptance, honesty and happiness

All members of the Wesley College community have the right to:

  • Feel physically and emotionally included and safe, respecting their own boundaries and those of others.
  • Enjoy mutually respectful relationships, considerate of other people’s emotions and the need for personal space.
  • Be listened to with open-mindedness and be accepting of the ideas of others.
  • Be accepted as individuals and free to express their identity and beliefs.
  • Learn in a supportive environment where each person can strive for their personal best.

All members of the Wesley College community have the responsibility to:

  • Demonstrate respect for self, others, and the environment, treating all people with kindness and dignity.
  • Act fairly and communicate honestly, upholding our individual and community values and beliefs.
  • Contribute to a positive culture where all people can feel valued and flourish.
  • Acknowledge that all people make mistakes and work towards forgiveness.
  • Cultivate an environment that embraces diversity, self-expression and acceptance of difference.