In the Middle School (Years 5 to 9) students expand their outlook through a variety of academic, cocurricular and experiential learning programs that build understanding, resilience, leadership skills, critical thinking and independence.

Years 5 and 7 are key entry points at Wesley, and every year we welcome over 250 new students across the College in these year levels. Our comprehensive transition programs support our new students, as well as their parents, to ensure they are orientated with their campus, teachers, pastoral support and friendship circles so they have a smooth start to what can be both a daunting and exciting year.

Our student-centred learning framework

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Wesley College is an International Baccalaureate (IB) world school and learning in the middle years is delivered through the IB framework. Students choose between the IB or VCE as they progress into the Senior School depending on their interests, strengths and aspirations.

The IB approach to learning is through student-centred inquiry. It encourages both personal development and academic achievement by challenging students with engaging questions across a variety of disciplines so they make connections between subject areas and the world around them. Inspiring curiosity through inquiry means our student learning is relevant, challenging, engaging and significant.

The Australian curriculum content is taught through the IB framework, so while the approach may be different from non-IB schools, the learning outcomes across the subject areas are consistent.

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Our Middle Years

Our highly qualified teachers are not just subject experts. They are also experienced in connecting, engaging with and motivating young, diverse adolescent learners to reach their personal best. The diverse academic learning experiences are complemented by outstanding cocurricular and experiential learning programs which add to the wonderful day-to-day school life at Wesley.

Over their five years in Middle School, students experience four outdoor education camps, an 8-week Year 9 residential program at Clunes, leadership programs, community service initiatives and cocurricular opportunities in music, theatre and sport.

Technology is a key part of their learning and all students participate in Wesley’s cyber safety programs, supporting their development as digital consumers and creators.

Transitions and Student Wellbeing

Our transition programs begin the year before our students commence at Wesley and are designed to encourage connection, familiarity and new friendships. Students undertake academic assessment during orientation so that teachers build knowledge about their new students' capabilities.

As part of orientation, students are familiarised with aspects of their day-to-day such as their Homeroom teacher, the library, IT, and their lockers to help instil confidence and familiarity in the lead up to their first days.

Students connect with their peers and form friendships through being assigned to a 'House' community and through participating in cocurricular programs such as music, Saturday sport, performing arts production or at one of our variety of student clubs, including advocacy groups, study groups and coding clubs.

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Our transition and pastoral care programs keep students connected and support student wellbeing in all areas - academic, social, emotional, physical and spiritual. Throughout their time at Wesley, students are supported by a wide network of staff.

For parents, there are many opportunities to establish networks and friendships with other new parents at school social functions. Information evenings are also held so that parents orient themselves with the IB Middle Years Program (MYP) and what they should expect in terms of their child's learning, assessment, reporting and homework.

Subject selection

In Years 5 and 6, students learn through the IB Primary Years Program framework.

Years 5 and 6

The Arts

Language Acquisition


Personal, Social, Spiritual and Physical Education


Social Studies


All Year 5 students choose between French or Chinese for the language acquisition elective.

Years 5/6 Sport

Music ensembles and choirs

Performing arts


Gymnastics and chess (optional programs offered at selected campuses)

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The IB Middle Years Program

From Year 7, middle school students learn through the International Baccalaureate Middle Years Program (IB MYP).

The MYP challenges students to connect learning to real life. Students explore subjects through transdisciplinary themes – developing subject knowledge alongside skills in communication, global engagement and intercultural understanding. This equips students to apply their knowledge to a variety of contexts.

In Years 7, 8 and 9 students study eight core subject groups and within these broad groups, can make subject choices based on their strengths and interests. There is scope for specialisation which increases as they progress through the program.

In Year 10, the MYP’s flexibility allows students to study a Victorian Certificate of Education subject while completing their IB studies (subject to grades attained in Year 9).

Years 7, 8 and 9
Core subjects

Arts (Visual Arts and Performing Arts)
Language Acquisition
Language and Literature
Physical and Health Education
Individuals and Societies

Students also complete Interdisciplinary Learning units and throughout their time are offered some choice, as listed below.

Language Acquisition

Students choose one of the following languages:



German (Glen Waverley Campus only)

Japanese (St Kilda Road Campuses only)

Students study their chosen language through to at least the end of Year 9.

Students continue to study their chosen language acquisition elective.


Year 9 students study a Middle Years Program Arts subject each term, except during the term when they attend Clunes.

Year 9 students undertake a minimum of two MYP arts subjects from Visual Arts, Music, Drama, Dance (Glen Waverley Campus only).

The academic breadth and depth of the MYP provides a strong foundation for students as they transition into their senior years at Wesley, whether they choose the VCE or IB Diploma Program pathway.

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