Wesley College’s boarding and DHA approved relative accommodation options help interstate, rural and international students settle into Melbourne and Wesley life.

A safe, comfortable place to stay during your studies is essential for a positive school experience. Choosing the best option to meet the needs of your family is important and our admissions team can help you navigate the following options.

Learning in Residence (boarding)

Our contemporary Learning in Residence boarding facility is open to students from across Australia and around the world.

Purpose-built for students in Years 9 to 12, Learning in Residence is fully integrated into Wesley’s Glen Waverley Campus.

To learn more about Learning in Residence’s boarding facilities and programs, click here.

Live with a parent or Department of Home Affairs (DHA) approved relative

Students can live with a parent or a DHA approved relative if they are also living in Melbourne during the time of the student’s studies. With this option, the parent or DHA approved relative has responsibility for the student’s welfare.

All students under 13 years and students entering Wesley College in Year 8 must select this option.

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