Learning in Residence is a welcoming, safe and nurturing environment, providing boarders with a home away from home.

Our Learning in Residence program focusses on each student’s emotional, social, physical, psychological and cultural needs. Our holistic model of care is delivered by dedicated team of mentors, academic supervisors and teachers, registered nurses, medical practitioners, counsellors, psychologists and allied health service professionals.

Staff in residence

Wesley boarding residential staffWesley provides an exceptional level of care for each and every student. Each residence has dedicated live-in staff mentors who provide 24/7 supervision and stay overnight in the residences.

All students are assigned a mentor who provides individual guidance and support to help boarders thrive in their environment. Mentors assist with social, academic and personal development, and regularly collaborate with teachers to support students across all dimensions of school life.

With a diverse team of professional staff mentors, every student is able to receive individual care and the support to thrive in their new environment.

In addition, the Head and Deputy Heads of Learning in Residence live on campus adjacent to the student residences and are on-call 24/7.

Chinese New Year Glen Waverley Celebration

Living and celebrating together

Our welcoming and supportive boarding community live, learn and celebrate special occasions together, including birthdays and cultural holidays. We encourage students to balance their studies, social life and wellbeing, with mentors promoting strategies such as mindfulness exercises, yoga, and technology regulation.


Student MentorsfWhen new students first arrive at Learning in Residence, extra attention is paid to ensuring they feel welcomed in what may be a new city or country for our boarders.

The student mentor program welcomes local and international students, fosters a sense of belonging and promote smooth transitions to the Senior School.

Students are encouraged to keep in regular contact with their friends and family outside the College via video calls and email, and helped to self-manage their technology use.

Safety and security

Student signing in at reception Your child’s safety is our highest priority. Each student is issued with a personalised electronic swipe card, allowing access to their own residence, as well as common areas.

Onsite security personnel are supported by video surveillance of the grounds. Campus buildings and gates are locked each evening, and all residences are alarmed.

With prior parental approval, students can browse the local shopping precincts, or take
day leave or stay overnight to visit family or friends

Wesley Mentors talking to students Health services

Approved host leave forms and a list of approved people students can visit are required from parents. Our onsite residential mentors understand each student’s health history. Residential mentors are trained in first aid, CPR, anaphylaxis and asthma.

Our Learning in Residence Health Centre is staffed by a registered on duty nurse seven days per week and there are registered nurses on call 24/7. College counsellors are also available Monday to Friday to help support student’s mental wellbeing.

Wesley Mentors talking to studentsFood and nutrition

We recognise that our boarders are growing teenagers, and collaborate with students to design a menu filled with fresh, tasty and nutritionally balanced meals. Our onsite catering team serve breakfast, lunch, dinner, morning and afternoon tea, and supper each day.

The diversity of the food available reflects the diversity of our students. We host an international themed dinner each week and congee is served three times a week for breakfast.

Students may also store their own food in their residence’s kitchenette, which includes a fridge, toaster and kettle.

For the safety of all our boarding students, nuts (and foods that contain traces of nuts) are not permitted in Learning in Residence facilities or the broader Glen Waverley Campus.

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