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Wesley’s St Kilda Road campus is situated minutes from the Melbourne Central Business District. The campus comprises two sites, with the Middle and Senior Schools located on St Kilda Road and the Junior School in close proximity to High Street Road.

Kim Bence

Kim Bence

Head of Campus

Rich history, exciting future

St Kilda Road Campus is a progressive learning environment where innovation and tradition intertwine. Just minutes from the heart of Melbourne’s central business district, Wesley College St Kilda Road attracts a vibrant and diverse community of more than 1,500 students from across Melbourne and around the world.

One campus, two sites

St Kilda Road Campus comprises two sites, with the Early Childhood Learning Centre (ECLC) and Junior School a short walk from our Middle and Senior Schools. These purpose-built environments provide students with age-appropriate spaces, resources and facilities.

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Our facilities

St Kilda Road offers learning facilities that cater to our student’s diversity of talents, passions and interests.

Science precinct

Our dedicated science precinct features 11 biology, chemistry and physics laboratories, which mirror professional research environments. During practical lessons, students access the latest scientific equipment – from DNA analysis in biology, operating spectrophotometers in chemistry, to understanding the physics of balloon-powered vehicles created using 3D printers.

Music and performing arts

Our four-storey Music School offers exceptional teaching and rehearsal facilities – with individual spaces for band rehearsals and recitals, as well as tuition studios, multi-purpose classrooms and recording studios.

Performing Arts students explore all aspects of theatre production in Adamson Hall. This historic performance venue is equipped with professional-grade sound, lighting and backstage facilities, dedicated rehearsal studios and seating for more than 500 audience members. Within this hall, the Adamson Theatre Company performs its impressive calendar of student theatre and musical productions.

Design and visual arts

The Visual Arts and Design Precinct is located in the former Royal Victorian Institute of the Blind. Vaulted ceilings and stained glass windows feature throughout this unique studio environment – the perfect setting for inspiration, creativity and experimentation.

This newly refurbished facility for Middle and Senior School art and design students includes:

  • Fully-equipped photography, 3D printing and sculpture studios
  • Multi-purpose classrooms
  • Dedicated Senior School studio spaces
  • A display foyer with media screen, where student work is showcased.

Students realise their on-field ambitions in our top-class sporting facilities, including:

  • Fields for soccer and AFL
  • Indoor gymnasium and games hall
  • Cricket pitch
  • Tennis, netball and basketball courts
  • Hockey pitches
  • Indoor swimming pool.
Campus leadership
Morag Howard

Morag Howard

Deputy Head of Campus

St Kilda Road Campus

Sabeena DeBono

Sabeena DeBono

Head of Junior School

St Kilda Road Campus

Rob Gow

Robert Gow

Head of Middle School

St Kilda Road Campus

Oliver Thompson

Oliver Thompson

Head of Senior School

St Kilda Road Campus

St Kilda Road Campus

How to get there

Located in Melbourne’s inner south-east suburb of Prahran, Wesley College St Kilda Road Campus is easily accessible by car, public transport and the complimentary private Wesley bus service.

  • St Kilda Road Campus

    Wesley bus routes

    • How to get there

      Albert Park

      • 7.35AM Beacon Rd after Williamstown Rd at bus stop
      • 7.36AM Beacon Rd after The Cove at Ellinis Mews Walkway
      • 7.38AM Beach St after Beacon Vst
      • 7.39AM Beach St before Canberra Pde at bus stop
      • 7.43AM Richardson St after Little Greig St
      • 7.48AM Richardson St after Victoria Av
      • 7.50AM Boyd St after Danks St
      • 7.52AM Boyd St before Richardson St
      • 7.56AM Richardson St before Wright St at bus stop
      • 4.24PM York St after Fraser St
      • 4.26PM Page St at Armstrong St
      • 4.27PM Richardson St before Wright St at bus stop
      • 4.28PM Boyd St after Danks St
      • 4.29PM Boyd St before Richardson St
      • 4.31PM Richardson St before Victoria Av at bus stop
      • 4.40PM Beach St after Waterfront St at bus stop near light rail crossing
      • 4.42PM Beach St after Beacon Vst
      • 4.44PM Beacon Rd after turning from Beach St
      • 4.46PM Beacon Rd after Crichton Av at bus stop
      • 4.56PM Howe Parade after turning from Williamson Rd
    • How to get there


      • 6.52AM Napier St opposite Lloyd St
      • 6.55AM Napier St after Woodvale Gv at bus stop
      • 6.58AM Napier St outside Essendon Football Ground
      • 7.01AM Buckley St outside St Columbia College
      • 7.02AM Buckley St past Lorraine St and before Cliff St
      • 7.04AM Waverley St after Holmes Rd at bus stop
      • 7.09AM Maribyrnong Rd before Bowen St at tram stop
      • 7.15AM Mount Alexander Rd before Warrick St at tram stop
      • 7.17AM Ascot Vale Rd before Canterbury St at bus stop
      • 7.18AM Ascot Vale Rd before Edinburgh St at bus stop
      • 7.22AM Epsom Rd before Hopetoun St at shop
      • 7.25AM Macaulay Rd at bus stop outside shops
      • 7.39AM Haines St before Abbotsford St at bus stop
      • 7.41AM Curzon St before Atkin St outside parking lot
      • 3.55PM Depart St Kilda Rd campus Junior School
      • 4.15PM Curzon St after Elm St outside Uniting Church
      • 4.18PM Haines St before Dryburgh St before roundabout at bus stop
      • 4.21PM Shiel St after Dryburgh St at bus stop
      • 4.25PM Macaulay Rd over rail line
      • 4.31PM Epsom Rd before Bangalore St
      • 4.34PM Ascot Vale Rd after Duncan St at bus stop
      • 4.35PM Ascot Vale Rd opposite Canterbury St at bus stop
      • 4.41PM Mt Alexander Rd before Ailsa St
      • 4.50PM Mt Alexander Rd before Maribyrnong Rd at tram stop
      • 5.00PM Maribyrnong Rd before Epsom Rd at milk bar next to Caltex
      • 5.05PM Mt Alexaner Rd after Grandison St
      • 5.10PM Napier St after Glass St at bus stop
      • 5.11PM Napier St after Kernan St
    • How to get there


      • 6.49AM Blyth St after Stanley St at bus stop
      • 6.50AM Blyth St after Romawi St
      • 6.52AM Blyth St before Pier St at bus stop
      • 6.54AM Blyth St after Seves St at bus stop
      • 7.01AM Mason St after Fifth Ave before Fourth Ave
      • 7.02AM Mason St after Hansen St at bus stop
      • 7.04AM Woods St before Challis St at bus stop
      • 7.11AM Burbidge Dr before Gray Crt at park
      • 7.14AM Merrett Dr after Joiner St
      • 7.15AM Victoria St after Railway Cres at bus stop
      • 7.16AM Victoria St just before Coogee Ln at bus stop
      • 7.17AM Osborne St after Victoria St opposite shop
      • 7.18AM Osborne St before Forster St at bus stop
      • 7.19AM Osborne St after Langford St
      • 7.21AM Osborne St before Cole St at bus stop
      • 7.22AM Electra St after Hanmer St outside Morning Star Hotel
      • 7.23AM Melbourne Rd before Pasco St
      • 7.25AM Melbourne Rd after Station Rd at bus stop
      • 7.27AM Melbourne Rd after Douch St and before Yarra St
      • 7.29AM Melbourne Rd opposite Wilkins St at bus stop
      • 7.31AM Melbourne Rd after Mason St at bus stop
      • 7.32AM Melbourne Rd before The Ave at bus stop
      • 4.00PM Depart St Kilda Rd campus Middle/Senior School
      • 4.36PM Melbourne Rd after The Ave at bus stop
      • 4.41PM Melbourne Rd before Mason St at bus stop
      • 4.42PM Cnr Melbourne Rd & Wilkins St
      • 4.43PM Melbourne Rd before Yarra St at bus stop
      • 4.44PM Melbourne Rd before Ferguson St at bus stop
      • 4.45PM Melbourne Rd after Pasco St
      • 4.46PM Hanmer St opposite Morning Star Hotel
      • 4.48PM Osborne St after Cole St at bus stop
      • 4.49PM Osborne St before Forster St at bus stop
      • 4.50PM Osborne St before Victoria St at shop
      • 4.52PM Victoria St opposite Coogee Ln at bus stop
      • 4.53PM Victoria St after Winifred St at bus stop
      • 4.55PM Burbridge Rd before Gray Crt at the park
      • 4.57PM Merrett Dr after Joiner St
      • 5.01PM Woods St after Challis St at bus stop
      • 5.02PM Mason St after Hansen St at bus stop
      • 5.04PM Mason St before Fourth Ave after Third Ave
      • 5.11PM Millers Rd before Sussex St at bus stop
      • 5.14PM Blyth St after Seves St at bus stop
      • 5.15PM Blyth St after Pier St at bus stop
      • 5.18PM Blyth St after Romawi St at bus stop
      • 5.20PM Blyth St after Stanley St at bus stop
      • 5:30PM Central Av opposite Red Rooster (Tuesday only)
    • How to get there


      • 7.00AM Francis St after Fehon St
      • 7.01AM Stephen St after Newcastle St
      • 7.03AM Stephen St after Castlemaine
      • 7.05AM Gamon St after Summerville Rd at bus stop
      • 7.08AM Charles St after Gamon St at bus stop
      • 7.23AM Docklands Dr after Waterfront Way
      • 7.31AM Bourke St opposite Village St
      • 7.40AM Normanby Rd after Montague St at bus stop
      • 7.41AM Crockford St after Ingles St at bus stop
      • 7.43AM Bay St before Liardet St at bus stop
      • 7.44AM Rouse St after turning from Bay St
      • 7.47AM Esplanade East opposite Danks St W
      • 7.49AM Pickles St after Bridge St at bus stop
      • 7.53AM Dorcas St after Ferrars St at bus stop
      • 7.58AM Cecil St after Napier St outside MacKillop Family Services
      • 4.00PM Depart St Kilda Rd Middle/Senior School
      • 4.12PM Cecil St after Bridport St
      • 4.17PM Dorcas St after Cecil St at bus stop beofre bridge
      • 4.21PM Pickles St before Glover St
      • 4.23PM Danks St W past Johnston St and before Esplanade East
      • 4.24PM Rouse St after turning from Esplanade East
      • 4.25PM Bay St after Rouse St at bus stop
      • 4.26PM Bay St before Liardet St
      • 4.28PM Crockford St before Raglan St at bus stop
      • 4.29PM Normanby Rd after Johnson St
      • 4.33PM Harbour Esplanade before Collins St
      • 4.34PM Collins St between Import Ln and Merchant St
      • 4.35PM Bourke St after Merchant St
      • 4.48PM Docklands Dr after Doepel Way
      • 4.57PM Albert St at Albert St Reserve
      • 4.59PM Charles St after Greig St at bus stop
      • 5.01PM Gamon St before Somerville Rd
      • 5.03PM Stephen St after Knox St
      • 5.05PM Stephen St after Kent St
      • 5.10PM Francis St & Powell St
  • St Kilda Road Campus

    Public transport

    By car

    The campus is located on main connecting roads including: St Kilda Road, Punt Road and High Street Road.

    Public transport

    The closest train station is Prahran station on the Sandringham line – just a 10-minute walk to campus.

    Several trams stop in front of the campus on St Kilda Road: 16, 3/3a, 5, 6, 64 and 67.

    The campus is serviced by several public buses including 246,  216, 219 and 220.

    For more information on public transport options and timetables, please visit the Public Transport Victoria website.

    Complimentary private buses

    Wesley provides a complimentary bus service to the St Kilda Road Campus. These buses operate via four routes: Albert Park, Essendon, Wyndham and Yarraville. Bookings are essential for this service and can be organised by contacting Community College. Email peter.banfield@wesleycollege.edu.au or call +61 3 8102 6732.

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+61 3 8102 6108