Terms and conditions of enrolment at Wesley College

1. Enrolment

a. Wesley College accepts applications for enrolment for girls and boys entering from three-year-old Early Childhood Learning through to Year 12.

b. Applications for enrolment are considered in the order that they are received, and priority is given to children; with sibling(s) already attending Wesley College; who have parents or grandparents who are Old Wesley Collegians; whose parents are permanent staff members.

c. A non-refundable application fee of $200 and a copy of the applicant’s Birth Certificate or passport documenting the student’s date of birth and gender must accompany the application for enrolment form.  The application fee is waived for children and grandchildren of OWs.

d. For students entering Years 5 and 7, the enrolment process begins up to three years prior to the preferred year of entry. For all other year levels, the enrolment process begins up to two years prior to the preferred year of entry.

e. Upon receiving the Enrolment Questionnaire, parents will disclose in full any diagnosed social, emotional or intellectual difficulties or specific medical or learning needs or disabilities that may impact the student’s ability to fully participate in the curricular and cocurricular programs provided by the College.

f. Wesley College reserves the right to refuse any application for enrolment without providing any reason.

g. Wesley College reserves the right to cancel the proposed enrolment of a student should we determine that we are not able to meet the specific needs of the student.

h. Students for whom English is an additional language will be required to demonstrate their proficiency in English and meet the determined proficiency levels outlined on the College website. This proficiency is supported by a certificate of English fluency from the Australian Education Assessment Service (AEAS).  This certificate must be submitted before an interview can be arranged.

i. All students are required to attend an interview with the Head of Campus (or delegate). This is to ensure that, as far as possible, Wesley College is able to provide an appropriate course of study for the student. Parents will be notified after the interview if a place is to be offered by the College to their child.

2. Fees and Charges

a. Fees are set annually by the College Council and are set out in the College Fee schedule, which is published on the College website, and details all fees and charges.

b. Fees are subject to change at any time without notice. Any change in fees during enrolment will apply to new and continuing students.

c. Signatories to the Acceptance of Offer acknowledge that they are jointly and severally responsible for all fees, of whatsoever nature and kind, payable as a result of enrolling a child at Wesley College. Responsibility for these fees subsists with all enrolling signatories irrespective of what may happen to the relationship (if any) of enrolling signatories.

d. To accept an offer of enrolment or a conditional offer of enrolment, a $4,000 payment is required comprising of the Confirmation Fee of $1,200 and Tuition Contribution Fee of $2,800. The Tuition Contribution Fee is deducted from the first account after the student has commenced in Prep level or above and is most commonly deducted from the April account. This fee is not transferable, refundable or able to be deferred to a future year level.

e. Enrolling signatories also acknowledge and understand that Wesley College is not bound by any Court Orders or Child Support Assessments, Orders or Agreements as between enrolling signatories. Where more than one person signs the Acceptance of Offer but payment is made by either of the enrolling signatories, or by any other party, the enrolling signatories acknowledge that they remain throughout the attendance of the child at Wesley College jointly and severally responsible for all fees of whatsoever nature and kind, payable as a result of enrolling their child at Wesley College.

f. Signatories to the Acceptance of Offer shall be responsible for the payment of all fees, avoidable breakages, damage to College properties by a student, and/or of College property (eg library books, musical instruments, notebook computers etc).

g. Charges in addition to the published fees may be incurred if students require additional integration aides.

h. No student will be permitted to return to the College while any part of a fee instalment is in arrears, unless the College Executive Management Team expressly waives this condition.

3. Student Withdrawal and Absence

a. A term’s notice in writing to the Head of Campus must be given before the removal of a student from the campus and Learning in Residence (as applicable), otherwise a charge equivalent to a term’s fees will apply.

b. A pro rata charge is made for new students entering the College for the first time after a term has commenced. If a student leaves during a term without giving a term’s notice, no refund will be made for the remaining portion of that fee instalment.

c. A holding fee of 25% of the applicable Tuition Fees for the year level is required if students take leave of absence from their studies at Wesley College. The amount charged is calculated according to the time on leave. It is applicable for leave covering a minimum of one term to a maximum of one year. One term’s notice in writing to Admissions is required.

4. Immunisation

a. ECLC: Wesley College adheres to the Victorian Government’s No Jab No Play legislation. Children starting in ECLC must be fully immunised and a copy of your child’s Immunisation History Statement is required.

b. Students entering the Junior School require an Immunisation History Statement, however, there is currently no requirement to show your child is up-to-date with all immunisations. For more information visit https://www.betterhealth.vic.gov.au/campaigns/no-jab-no-play

5. Student Expectations

a. All students and, where applicable, their parents are required to abide by the College policies and procedures, as published on the Wesley College Intranet and WiSE. These include, but are not limited to the College Rules, Anti-harassment Policy, Community Conduct Policy, Homework and Study Policy, Drug Education and Support Policy, and the Reasonable Use Agreement for Digital Technologies. Failure to abide by the College rules and policies may result in disciplinary action for the student.

b. The College reserves the right to exclude any student permanently or temporarily, at the sole discretion of the Principal, if this action is in the interest of the student or for the good of the College.

6. Collection and Disclosure of Personal Information

a. Wesley College complies with the Commonwealth Privacy Act. Collection, storage and distribution of personal information is managed in accordance with the National Privacy Principles. These procedures are outlined in Wesley College’s Private Policy available here.

b. The Parent(s) acknowledges they have read and understood the College Privacy Policy.

c. Parents must advise the College in writing of any changes to home, telephone, or email address or other contact details on the application for enrolment form.