Private Cyril Ben Hamlyn Johnson

Private Cyril BH Johnson (OW1910), of the 6th Battalion AIF, was killed in action in France on 14 May. At about 1.00pm, an enemy shell landed in the trench where Cyril was asleep in a small dugout, killing him instantaneously, together with two other members of his platoon. He was carried behind the lines a short distance, and a small cross placed on his grave.

One of his companions wrote:
Johns, as he was known to most of us, was a great favourite amongst us all. Just at the time of his death he was looking forward to a trip to 'Blighty' very shortly to gain his commission, being amongst the next six men from this battalion who were awaiting school. His presence is sadly missed amongst the boys of the company.

Another companion wrote:
Cyril was in the Lewis Gun Team, and from January last we had been together, sleeping along¬side one another, sharing our comforts and discomforts; we were inseparable. . . He was popular with his fellows and a good soldier. He had been selected as an aspirant officer, and was considered by his superiors to possess all the qualities to fit him for that rank.

First year at Wesley 1910
Personal information  
Date enlisted 12/07/1915
Unit enlisted 6th Bn - Service Number 3333
Service details Per LAA: Shell while asleep in dug out. Letter on file says chaplain said killed by machine gun fire on Hazebrouck front. Two days AWL in Feb 1918. Also worked in pay office in 1916. Lots of correspondence from father on file.
Date of death 14/05/1918 - 23 years of age
Unit details 6th Bn
Cemetery/Memorial place Outtersteene Communal Cemetery Ext Bailleul - Plot 1 Row F Grave 21
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