Gunner Samuel Ettingove

First year at Wesley 1915
Personal information Nephew of Sidney Myer
Date enlisted 8/02/1918
Unit enlisted FA bde Rfts
Service details Killed in motorbike accident in Malvern, Melbourne. The bike he was driving collided with a tram. Samuel Ettingove and his cousin Norman Myer had been brought out as youths to Australia by their uncles, the Myer brothers, who provided them with an Australian upbringing and education. In December 1917 Samuel, the elder of the two, then studying law at Melbourne University, went along with his fellow law students to enlist in the AIF. He sought and obtained expedited Australia citizenship so he could join as an Australia citizen rather than as a Russian. Source:
Date of death 20/05/1918 - 21 years of age
Unit details FAB Reinforcements Vic
Cemetery/Memorial place Brighton General Cemetery - Jewish D 63 (GRM/3*)
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