Wesley’s holistic approach to learning is our passionate commitment to the development of the whole child in an inclusive, coeducational environment.

The richness, breadth and depth of a Wesley education provides unparalleled opportunities for students to discover their passions and nurture their talents.

The four timeless principles of learning are:

  • Learning to know
    Our programs are designed to help students become independent thinkers in a rapidly changing world, seeking and acquiring new skills and knowledge at every stage of life.
  • Learning to do
    True learning is developed through experience, action and engagement. Through real-life experiential learning, Wesley students understand how to put their knowledge and skills into action in meaningful and positive ways.
  • Learning to live with
    Much of what we learn about ourselves is in relation to our experiences with others. Our students develop collaborative, interpersonal, social and language skills to help them appreciate the wider world and their place within it.
  • Learning to be
    From ECLC to Year 12, students embark on a journey to discover and embrace who they truly are and help them become the best versions of themselves. They emerge into the world as open-minded, balanced and resilient global citizens.

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