Congratulations to the Class of 2023

As a leading coeducational open-entry school, we are proud that our Class of 2023 graduates have upheld Wesley College’s long tradition of academic achievement. They have achieved this not only through academic endeavour, but the myriad of experiences they have gained at Wesley and beyond. We celebrate their successful pursuits in sport, music, the performing and visual arts, outdoor education and community service.

We congratulate the 133 International Baccalaureate Diploma Program students who, along with our VCE students, have received their results.

Representing over a third of the Year 12 cohort, the graduating Class of 2023 marks 30 years of the IB DP at Wesley, with its first introduction in 1993. Today we celebrate the achievements of our most recent IB DP graduates. During their two-year DP journey, they have supported one another and demonstrated the attributes at the heart of both the IB’s and Wesley’s approach to learning – the pursuit of individual excellence in all areas of endeavour, resilience, compassion, personal growth, a love of learning and action.

Alongside our VCE graduates, our IB DP graduates demonstrate incredible depth of academic achievement, and we are delighted to see them recognised with these outstanding results:

  • The median ATAR for the IB DP was 91.50
  • 7% of the IB cohort, who achieved an ATAR of 99.00 or above, placing them in the top 1%
  • 30% of the IB cohort, who achieved an ATAR of 95.00 or above, placing them in the top 5%
  • 61% of the IB cohort, who achieved an ATAR of 90.00 or above, placing them in the top 10%.

We are also thrilled that the perfect study score of 7 has been achieved in 24 different subjects and we applaud the students on the outstanding results achieved in the extended essay component of the IB.

In 2023, 65% of Year 12 students completed the VCE (Victorian Certificate of Education) and 35% completed the IB DP. The combined results of the IB and VCE for the full Class of 2023 are shared below as a celebration of academic achievement:

  • The combined median ATAR for VCE and IB DP was 84.30
  • Ten students achieved an ATAR of 99 or above
  • Our Glen Waverley IB DP dux, Hunter, received a perfect score of 45 and the highest possible ATAR of 99.95
  • 33.4% of 2023 Year 12 students achieved an ATAR of 90 or above, placing them in the top 10%
  • 58% of 2023 Year 12 students achieved an ATAR of 80 or above, placing them in the top 20%
  • 99.7% of our Year 12 students received a first-round tertiary offer. See our Class of 2023 destinations.

We are delighted to congratulate our Duces on their incredible achievements.

Glen Waverley Campus Duces:

  • Hunter - IB DP 99.95
  • Will - VCE 99.60

St Kilda Road Campus Duces:

  • Junqi (Albert) - IB DP 99.75
  • Peng (Michael) - VCE

Some ATARs are not published in consideration of student requests.

Tertiary Destinations
Wesley Offers by university Class of 2023

99% of Year 12 Wesley students from the Class of 2023 achieved a first-round university offer. 60% of the cohort accepted offers into the University of Melbourne and Monash University.  They have entered a diverse range of fields, reflecting their unique talents, interests and capabilities. In whichever field they choose, we have every confidence in what they will go on to achieve. We wish them all the very best as they start the next stage of their journey.

Fields of Study
Wesley Field of Study Class of 2023

Class of 2023 graduates reflect on their final year

JoannaJoanna, IB DP, ATAR 98.90, St Kilda Road Campus

‘I tried to think of Years 11 and 12 as part of one big journey, a marathon, not a sprint. I chose subjects I was passionate about: this made classes really exciting as I was learning content that engaged my curiosity, I was surrounded by teachers and students who shared my interests and helped me maintain focus and motivation.

I started playing cello in the Wesley College Year 2 Strings Program and have played ever since. Music enabled me to make the most of my Year 12 journey, as a break from study, an opportunity to pursue non-academic passions and to maintain a healthy lifestyle. Next year, I am hoping to continue pursuing my interest in music and STEM.

It was great to see diversity celebrated during my school years. I feel the world should embrace diversity. Each student has their own experiences and ideas which they contribute to our learning environment, making everyone’s learning richer. I hope, in future, to contribute to making our environment a more inclusive and supportive place.’

HunterHunter, IB DP, ATAR 99.95, Glen Waverley Campus Dux

While maintaining a consistent study schedule and completing assignments to the best of my ability were important, I recognised that conquering my inner doubts was vital to success. It was crucial that I believed in myself, was kind to myself after setbacks, and continually sought support from my parents, peers and staff at Wesley. Among these support pillars, I saw my teachers as not only subject experts, but genuine friends. They would never fail to foster an inclusive and positive learning environment and offer unwavering support.

I am currently waiting for offers from UK universities and the University of Melbourne, but I hope to study law, regardless of the university I end up attending.

Marlo StephensonMarlo, VCE, ATAR 97.00, St Kilda Road Campus

‘Throughout Year 12, I turned to my teachers for help balancing my workload and found refuge in my extracurricular activities, specifically within the Adamson Theatre Company. I have participated in every play and musical since starting at Wesley which helped me find some of my strongest friendships and created possibly the largest support system I've had. I think Year 12 was the best year of my schooling life in terms of social connection, experiences and even academically, despite its overwhelming difficulty.

I really thrived within the coeducational environment at Wesley. Some of the advantages include the ability to socialise with the opposite gender, which sounds almost ridiculous, however growing into my young adult life, it’s becoming evident that some people struggle to form friendships and connections.

My goal is to become an actor and next year I plan to study at Showfit, which is an auditioned preparatory program for those wanting to pursue a career in musical theatre.’

Nico Tremblay Nico, VCE, ATAR 93.35, Glen Waverley Campus

‘The time I spent on the tennis court as part of the Boys’ First Team was an important part of my life and winning back-to-back championships in 2022 and 2023 helped to form friendships that will last long past our years at school. Maintaining downtime and self-accountability provided a balance that is a must for the feat of completing Year 12. I also asked my teachers a lot of questions and can’t thank them enough for all their help and support. Next year, I plan to pursue my tennis and education goals through the College pathway as a scholar-athlete in America and am hoping to study Engineering wherever I end up.’

ImogenImogen, 99.25, IB DP, Glen Waverley Campus

‘Year 12 can be daunting and oftentimes stressful, but I would advise any younger students to try and keep some perspective. It is an important year, so the work you put in does matter, however, you will only be able to perform to your best if you take care of yourself. My advice for future students would be to try your hardest whilst always being kind to yourself and having confidence in your work and what you are capable of.

Being a student here at Wesley made this task so much easier because of the supportive classroom environment; the consistent effort each of my teachers made throughout my time at Wesley played a significant role in my academic success and I would like to thank them all for that. As for my plans for the future, I hope to study Medicine.’

BuddyBuddy, IB DP, ATAR 99.25, St Kilda Road Campus

‘I studied Chemistry, Biology, Psychology and Maths and my favourite thing about studying STEM at Wesley was the additional opportunities that the school provides, such as extension classes and Da Vinci Decathlon programs in my Middle School years. That really helped foster my interest in science. I’m hoping to study a Bachelor of Science or Biomedicine and then go on to study medicine. My goal is to become a doctor.

The most difficult part of Year 12 was managing the workload. I’d work on big assessments during the holiday periods, reducing the pressure during the term, and relied on my teachers for support. They are very understanding, and having taught Year 12 many times before, they know how stressful it can be for students.’

Willem de Vryer

Willem, VCE, ATAR 96.30, St Kilda Road Campus

‘I was able to manage my workload in Year 12 by gradually completing assignments and dividing my focus between my five subjects. I also balanced my time between schoolwork, cocurricular activities and personal free time. I relied on subject teachers, both for feedback and advice to manage the workload and standards of Year 12. I also had great support and advice from my family.

I hope to study Commerce next year and work in the aviation or automotive industries where I can use my Japanese language skills.’

Jennifer Taylors Jennifer, VCE, ATAR 91.15, Glen Waverley Campus

‘I’m originally from the northeast of Victoria and was a boarder at the Glen Waverley Campus. My boarding experience at Wesley has been amazing. We have about three or four activities every weekend as well as throughout the week, and we have access to the gym and the pool on campus. I  played volleyball last year, which I'd never played before, and it was great. I've been able to play soccer, which is a huge passion of mine. Winning the APS championship last year was phenomenal. And being Captain of the Firsts, leading the younger girls, has been awesome as well. It was very unexpected. I have loved being a Prefect at Wesley this year, ensuring that Indigenous voices are heard on campus as Wesmob Prefect. At the start, I felt like I wasn't qualified for it, only being at Wesley for a year. But I think that leadership isn't about how long you've been involved in something, but what you can bring to it. I believe that anyone can be a leader; it's about making the most of what you've got.’

LucaLuca, IB DP, St Kilda Road Campus

‘I’m really interested in current affairs and that's one of the reasons why I chose the International Baccalaureate Diploma Program for my Year 11 and 12. What I really like about the program is that the syllabus is globally based and it's something that's undertaken by students all across the world, not just in Victoria. While the curriculum is quite intensive, I think it really aligned with my own values of academic broadness and it encourages students to see the big picture.

My teachers worked so hard, not only to teach us what’s on the syllabus, but to go further and create such a positive environment. They genuinely care and act in such a way that really allows us to achieve our goals. They’ve gone that extra mile and have had a massive impact on me. So thank you.’

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