The English Language Preparation Program (ELPP) is Wesley’s in-house intensive English program. Designed for international and local students with English as an additional language, the program is available to students in Years 7 – 10.

Delivered at our Glen Waverley Campus, ELPP focuses on the five key language skills of reading, writing, vocabulary, listening and speaking.

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High quality teaching and care

With an excellent staff to student ratio and flexible timetabling, ELPP students benefit from a personalised approach that develops academic skills and encourages independent learning.

Learning takes place within the framework of the International Baccalaureate (IB) curriculum. The curriculum encourages language development through activities such as essay writing, text analysis and project work.

It also helps students understand and adapt to the expectations of a typical Wesley classroom, which may differ from their schooling experience in their country of origin.

Joining the Wesley Community

Unlike external ELICOS programs, the ELPP enables students to integrate into the school community from day one. Dressed in Wesley uniform, students not only attend tailored English language classes, but also participate in cocurricular activities including music, sport and performing arts. Students build their network with teaching staff and develop friendships with fellow students before entering mainstream schooling.

Learning on campus also means that students access and familiarise themselves with the College’s extensive sporting, performing arts and music facilities.

Transitioning from ELPP to mainstream classes

The length of time spent in the program depends on a student’s language proficiency. Typically, students spend between 1 to 3 terms in the ELPP.

During the first week, students undertake language assessments to determine their language proficiency and areas for development.

Prior to completing the program, students undertake a second AEAS test to ensure they have achieved the language level needed to be successful in mainstream schooling.

As part of the transition process, students are interviewed with the Head of School to determine readiness for transition to mainstream classes. Students in Years 10 – 12 have the option to take an English as an Additional Language (EAL) subject once entering mainstream schooling.

All student transitions into mainstream take place at the end of a school term.

Applying for Wesley’s English Language Preparation Program

Students who do not have English as their first language are required to sit an English language assessment test provided by the Australian Education Assessment Services (AEAS). The AEAS test provides a guide for the minimum recommendation of time a student may need on the program.

Once we have received the AEAS test results, the application for the ELPP will be processed, and a videoconference interview with the College will be scheduled.

The AEAS test can be completed in Australia or in the student’s country of origin.

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"My whole ELPP experience actually served as a good adaption phase. The teachers were really helpful and compassionate. I would say ELPP really helped me fit into the whole Wesley environment and helped me adapt. It helped not only with English but also how to communicate with people from other cultural backgrounds."

Vincent Wang - former ELPP student (Year 9, 2018)

"The ELPP was a good place to practice our oral language. It was a totally different approach to learning grammar and my teacher explained how it was different. Learning this way was much more helpful. It was different to how I learnt in China and I think my grammar is much better now."

Jennifer Jian - former ELPP student (Year 9, 2018)
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