Technology is integrated into teaching and learning from Prep to Year 12 to enhance students’ learning experiences, encourage new ways of thinking and connect with the global community.

Across all key learning areas, our students develop technological literacy skills to support them into the future. Students explore a wide range of software applications, the capabilities of the internet for research and collaboration, and the creative potential of technology.

Technology in our Junior School

From Prep to Year 4, students have access to iPads equipped with appropriate learning apps and linked to classroom smartboards, allowing students to engage, interact and collaborate in their learning.

While technology is utilised across the Junior School curriculum, students also explore technological skills in coding, robotics and drone technology using a range of hands-on and interactive learning tools such as Ozobots, BBC micro:bits, Airblock Drones, Makedo kits and Little Bits kits.

Technology in our Middle and Senior Schools

From Years 5 to 12, students are given their own laptops linked to a visual display in every classroom.  Students use a broad range of technology and software applications across all areas of learning, including 3D printers in visual art and design, audio software in music production and programming software in computing subjects.

Cyber safe

As an eSmart accredited school we understand that our students’ cyber safety is crucial and equip them with the information and skills they need to use technology productively, safely and responsibly.

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