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Sophisticated designs from VCE Design and Technology students

The end user was front of mind for our Glen Waverley Campus VCE Product Design and Technology students as they set about designing and constructing a range of products.

Tasked with designing a product that was responsive to the changing needs of modern life, students responded with an impressive array of products that are creative, innovative and sustainable and have a positive impact on their end users.

One student wanted to solve a very real problem – back pain associated with cleaning tall windows, in this case, on buses! Seeing cleaners struggling to effectively clean the top of the windscreen, the student designed a cleaning device which applies greater force to hard-to-reach areas, using mechanical advantage.

Other products addressed everyday life, including our smaller living spaces and need for portability, and perhaps constant entertainment. Blending entertainment and organisation seamlessly, one student designed and constructed a convertible games unit with a surface for chess or poker featuring in-built storage compartments for game pieces.

Inspired by the hustle and bustle of school productions, one student designed a practical and elegant storage solution, complete with illuminated mirror, for students to prepare for plays and musicals.

Other standout projects included a beautifully crafted display cabinet designed to house a guitar, demonstrating both functionality and aesthetics.

These remarkable young designers have showcased their ingenuity, craftsmanship and problem-solving skills through these innovative creations.

‘These projects reflect the incredible talent of our students and their commitment to creating solutions that make our lives better. We look forward to seeing how these young designers continue to apply their skills and shape our world through their practical and innovative design work,’ Daniel Galvin, Head of the Design and Technology faculty said.