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Cyber safety project

One of the goals of our digital wellbeing program is to empower our students to develop the skills and knowledge they need to interact safely online.

Prep to Year 6 students recently participated in digital wellbeing sessions run by the Cyber Safety Project, a leading cyber safety educator. In age-appropriate sessions, students learned about managing their digital device usage, how to break the cycle and take a break from digital gameplay and discovered practical ways to combat cyberbullying.

We hope the following information will help families start a conversation at home and build on some of the strategies and lessons learnt in these important sessions.

What students learnt

What you can ask at home

Awareness of digital device usage

Be mindful of your emotions while using digital devices and know when to take breaks. 30 minutes per gaming session is recommended.

Ask your child how they feel before, then during, and again after screentime. Ask them the same questions about physical activities.

S.T.A.R.T. strategy

Switch off, Take a break, (get) Active, Rest, Time to go again. Only go back to your device once this cycle has been completed.

Together, make a list of physical activities that your child enjoys. Take it out when it’s time to switch off the screens.

Taking control of ‘Settings’

Understand default settings in apps, turn off unnecessary notifications, and be aware of tactics used by developers to prolong screen time.

Default settings within apps are likely designed to maximise screentime. Take a look at them together. Switch off unnecessary device notifications and auto play features. Watch some YouTube videos together and identify tactics used to keep you watching.

Support Crew

Identify support networks and resources, such as trusted adults and helplines, to address issues related to technology and wellbeing.

Older children were tasked with writing down three adults they trust and who they would turn to for help with how they feel and for tech support. They can also reach out to the eSafety Commissioner who has influence over the social media giants.

Digital Dilemmas and Solutions

Exploring digital dilemmas like group chats and providing strategies to handle such situations, emphasising values like responsibility and empathy.

If your child is old enough, ask them about tricky situations they might find themselves in. The emphasis is on values that transcend the digital space and apply in all situations.

Combatting Cyberbullying

Providing practical steps to combat cyberbullying.

Having a known support crew is one of the steps to combat cyberbullying, as is seeking support, gathering evidence, and reporting incidents to appropriate authorities. Ask them if they remember how to do so?