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Geology and geography come together at Phillip Island

Seeing the effects of conservation strategies first-hand at Phillip Island

In Term 3, Year 8 Glen Waverley students completed an Interdisciplinary unit combining geological knowledge learnt in Science with geographical knowledge learnt in Individuals & Societies, to develop their understanding of coastal landforms. By studying the topic across the two subjects, the students were able to attain a rich and detailed understanding of the natural and human processes that create and shape the coastal landforms we enjoy. This included studying the types of rocks that comprise the landforms, and how weathering and erosion change their shape over time. The students created a Flipbook that catalogued these processes.

A highlight of the unit was the fieldtrip to Phillip Island, which was squeezed in between lockdowns, across two days in August. 8 Wall student Patrick Gee said that the fieldtrip, which focused on The Nobbies and Cape Woolamai, enabled him to ‘learn a lot about conservation strategies that helped preserve the natural landforms and learn about erosion and rocks.’ He said the trip ‘was a very fun and informative experience.’

For 8 Newnham student, Laura Young, the fieldtrip was ‘an amazing experience… a great learning opportunity and a fun day out.’ It was a highlight because ‘we didn’t have the chance to go on too many excursions in Year 8, so Phillip Island was an enjoyable and memorable way to learn.’

These sentiments were shared across the Year 8 cohort, who were grateful for the opportunity to undergo some experiential learning, and to learn about the same topic across two subjects.

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