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Binge-watching? Try some bite-sized offerings

The many OWs who have binged multiple TV series over the past months might be interested to know a couple of OWs are bringing something a little different to our screens. Libby Butler (OW1999) is looking to make rom-coms great again with her bite-sized romantic comedy series, Loving Captivity, on Facebook. The ‘mini-series’ follows Ally (Christie Whelan Browne), a 30-something single mum who reluctantly agrees to iso-date with Joe (series co-creator Lewis Mulholland) – a flirt-machine she was dumped by, before the world changed.

Developed through the first COVID-19 lockdown and produced as the original Stage 3 restrictions were eased in Victoria, the series is a heartfelt, candid exploration of dating in the new normal – and why social distancing might be the best thing that ever happened to our relationships.
Meanwhile, the latest project by multi-award-winning animation and documentary director Sophie Raymond (OW1991) took enchantment to new levels. Her daringly innovative and genre-bending short film, Recorder Queen, explored the inner world of internationally renowned musician Genevieve Lacey as she stepped off the classical concert stage, driven by the need to rediscover her Australian roots and give voice to the stories of her own time and place.

Screened on ABC iView, the thoroughly delightful production combined animation, dramatic reconstruction, documentary footage and live performance to explore the altered states of a creative mind. There was even a very special co-star making an appearance – the much-loved Chapel at the St Kilda Road Campus!

>> Watch 'Loving Captivity'
>> Watch a short reel from 'Recorder Queen'

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