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Sapere Aude Bequest Society

A family of bequestors

Katherine, Myrsine, Athena, Georgia, Henry, Rupert, and Stavros

Stavros Rekaris (OW1990), Georgia Rekaris-Hinton (OW1989), and Katherine Rekaris-Demaison (OW1988)

It is not unusual for Wesley families to come together to make a family donation in support of a building program, bursary or scholarship either in their name or in the name of a loved one. However, in the case of the Rekaris family, we were delighted that each member has decided to support the College through a bequest in their Wills. As students, they gained so much from their involvement in all aspects of school life and are keen to support Wesley’s future development in this way. They are also pleased that their children are now enjoying life at the College and benefiting from the well-rounded education on offer.

Stavros reflects on his and his sisters’ experiences at Wesley which will resonate with so many other alumni of that generation: One early morning, I found myself in the back of the family car, racing down the Princess Freeway to Geelong, purple and gold streamers flying behind us, passing busloads of students hanging out of windows on a similar mission. It was 1983 and my eldest sister, Katherine Rekaris-Demaison, who had only been at Wesley for three months, insisted we all attend Head of the River. I was nine and it was my first experience of the excitement and passion that comes with wearing the ‘purple and gold’.

This tradition continued the following year when my second sister, Georgia Rekaris- Hinton, commenced at Wesley. And then, in 1985, it was my turn to put on a lion suit and frog dance on the banks of the Barwon which became a normal part of any Collegian’s life. All three of us embraced the opportunities and challenges that Wesley offered from the day we started. Whether it was music, drama, sport, debating – our life for a decade truly was purple and gold! Our parents were right by our side, cooking lamb spits on the back turf during festivals, videoing musicals (VHS style), driving fundraisers and forever supporting us – late-night theatre rehearsals, early morning sporting events, weekend music concerts…

I was fortunate to be in the Wesley First XI Soccer team in Year 11 (which I then captained in Year 12), was part of the Wesley First Water Polo and Swimming teams, participated in the Duke of Edinburgh Award, attended Lord Somers Camp and was part of many orchestras, choirs and musicals. Georgia also played a lot of sport, but her real love was music and theatre. She would often be found on the Adamson Hall stage playing the lead in many musicals and plays, from Dorothy in ‘The Wizard of Oz’ and on to several comedic roles, including her hilarious portrayal of Marlene, the maid in ‘Who’s a Teenage Dracula?’ She was part of the school orchestra, swing choir, debating team and the Wesley First Water Polo team, and was a Prefect and Vice-Captain in 1989.

Rekaris family south pacificKatherine, then better known as Kathy, was also School Vice-Captain in Year 12. Passionate about the Arts, her love for what she was doing was acknowledged in her Triple Arts Award for Debating, Music and Drama in her final year of 1988. In Debating, she and her team were State Runners-Up in 1986. In Music, she frequently contributed as a soloist to the various school choirs and played the flute under the baton of the inimitable John Lee in the Concert Band. And in Drama, from Years 7 to 12, she participated in at least one dramatic or musical production every year. She loved tap-dancing her way across the stage as Dulcie in ‘The Boyfriend’ to Jacqui Coker’s choreography. In 1988, the ‘Washing that man right outta her hair’ shower scene was a moment in ‘South Pacific’ which resulted in some soapy OH&S moments, and for those who remember the Golden Age of Tony and Dawson, who could forget that waterfall!

Image: Georgia, Katherine and Stavros Rekaris backstage 1988

However, the highlight for all of us was being on stage together for ‘South Pacific’ with Katherine as Nellie Forbush, Georgia as Bloody Mary and myself in the most macho Sailor’s Chorus to (arguably) ever hit the Adamson Hall stage. It was the most incredible fun and we all wept at the show’s conclusion on the final night.

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