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Office update

The College has been reviewing a number of areas and is preparing for the next phase of its development, with particular focus on the St Kilda Road Campus. To this end, there have been some changes to staffing in the OWCA to reflect a closer working relationship with Wesley’s marketing team and to focus on delivering strategic outcomes.

The richly embroidered deep purple satin OWCA banner still makes regular appearances on the lectern at major events

The College Head of the OWCA, Ian Thomas (OW1982), who has contributed so much to the revitalisation of the Association through increased social media, online engagement during COVID-19 and the delivery of an exciting suite of outstanding alumni events and activities, has accepted the new role of OWCA Editor of the Lion magazine. Ian’s passionate commitment to all things purple will continue in this important role and he will remain a vital part of the OWCA team.

The College is delighted that the President of the OWCA, Kate Evans (OW1998) has commenced in the part-time role of Alumni Manager, Marketing and Strategy. Kate will continue as President of the OWCA, complementing her new role, working closely with the College marketing team to ensure seamless communication and driving the strategic direction of the OWCA.

Zena Eastburn, OWCA Events and Administration Officer, has returned from maternity leave and looks forward to returning to a more regular schedule of alumni reunions and events in the new year. Cam Evans concluded his role as Alumni Relations Officer at the end of August and we thank him for his contribution to the team.

The OWCA is very well positioned to continue to play a vital role in our College community, and Foundation, Events and Archives will all continue to work together to ensure the seamless delivery of relevant and timely communication, alumni engagement and activities into the future.

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