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Meet the Executive committee

In her career as a communications professional, Kate Evans has more than 20 years of know-how across retail, fashion and lifestyle brands. With bothKate Evans extensive agency and in-house experience, she was responsible for launching Japanese apparel retailer UNIQLO into the Australian market. Prior to this, she was National PR Manager at iconic brands Sportsgirl and Target and has senior management experience at some of Melbourne’s most well-known public relations and event agencies. Having ‘never really left’ Wesley since her final year as College Captain in 1999, she has had the pleasure of serving on the OWCA Executive committee multiple times over the past 20 years. Her favourite event on the social calendar, the annual Founders’ Day Dinner, is a personal passion project that she will forever drive with the heart of a lion. If it’s possible to bleed purple and gold, then it’s guaranteed that Kate does.


David KennedyCommencing in media sales, I managed to rise from Sales Executive to the position of Director of Sales and Marketing of the Ten Network. Following this, I joined global communications consultancy, Rogen International, where I spent time managing both the Melbourne and London offices and served as a Director on Rogen’s Global Board. And, seeing me into retirement, I enjoyed a period with EY as a communications specialist working across their Australian and Asian offices. Save from a little consulting, I am now retired, enabling me to spend time playing golf and tennis, pottering in the garden, and achieving little of value in my mancave.

I remain married to the Merton Hall girl I met going home from Wesley on the Punt Road bus and we are both lucky enough to spend as much time as we care to with our two children and their partners, together with our four grandchildren.

Rob Lancaster joined the OWCA Executive as Treasurer in 2021. He is the Chief Financial Officer at St Hilda’s College, a residential college of the University of Melbourne,Rob Lancaster holds a Bachelor of Business and is a Chartered Accountant. Prior to joining St Hilda’s some 10 years ago, Rob held management positions at Spotless Group and PricewaterhouseCoopers.

Rob is accustomed to voluntary roles, having served on various committees associated with his children’s schools, their kindergarten and Scout group. He is a life member of Collegians Football Club, having played over 250 games with the Club after school. He also served as treasurer and was runner for the Club XVIII side for many years.

I entered Wesley in 1953 in a building known as ‘The Hutch’ in a class comprising Forms 1, 2 and 3, moving up to “Matriculation” (Year 12) in 1964. Accepted into my Jack Ayerbechosen course, I was able to indulge in a second year ‘Matric’, to ‘mature’ before entering University. My Wesley experience was highly rewarding and strongly influential, the experience giving me lifelong friendships.

We were constantly reminded by teachers and Headmasters (Frederick and Coates) of ‘our’ cultural values based on the preachings of John Wesley, the main tenet being respect for all others whatever the differences, be they gender, religion or any other facet.

Wesley gave me leadership opportunities as Sub-Prefect, Prefect and Cadet Under Officer. Having so many life-forming privileges is an important reason for being part of the OWCA Executive committee, where I see our main task being to ensure that today’s students have the same valued time at the school as we did.

My energy comes from being part of a team that makes a difference to our community by connecting and engaging people. My background is in event services where Vibeke PedersenI have worked as a manager and coordinator for the Royal Melbourne Show, Victorian Farmers Federation and The University of Melbourne. My strengths are in stakeholder engagement, administration, communications and recognising interdependencies between teams to create effective outcomes. Currently I am Community Engagement Project Officer for Neighbourhood Watch Victoria, with experience in Local Council and Committee for Melbourne, where I was Events and Engagement Manager.

Without doubt, Wesley significantly contributed to the person I am today and I’m a proud OW who still wears their blazer whenever the opportunity allows. I’m grateful for the lifelong friends my time at school brought me and thankful for the life lessons I learned whilst there.

My passion for Wesley is the reason why I’ve joined the OWCA Executive committee.

I’ve been working in Architecture, Interior Design Commercial sector for the past 25 years, Internationally across Hong Kong, UK and Singapore. I specialise in large Anastasiascale commercial office workplace strategy construction delivery.

As an expat I acknowledged the importance of my education received at Wesley College, and the new relationships formed with other Alumni expatriates spreading their wings.

Returning to Melbourne, and being invited to support the OWCA is a great privilege. My international career has flourished from the Sapere Aude approach to life, seize every opportunity given, “I just dare you” and holistically it is this, that I bring to the board. My initiative ‘WOW’, ‘Women of Wesley’ concept series, is an example of the enthusiasm and creativity that best reflects my Wesley experience. I sincerely invite all Alumni to take full advantage of reconnecting and making new friends at the OWCA events.

Since finishing at Wesley, I’ve held strong connections to my school days. I’ve worked in various roles across the College including as a coach for all three seasons of Alessia Fsport, volunteering at Yiramalay and as a student mentor and personal trainer in Learning in Residence. I completed a Bachelor of International Business (Economics) and a Bachelor of Business (Marketing) at Monash University, and studied for six months at Peking University, Beijing, China. I now work full time in the IT industry and enjoy the corporate lifestyle so far.

Due to my love for the school, its history and future, I really wanted to give back and have found another avenue as a committee member of the OWCA Executive. I feel privileged to have this opportunity and be a spokesperson for my peers and friends, and those who have come before and after me. I look forward to connecting alumni, building on the strategy set and implementing change for the OWCA. Wesley now and always!

Amy brings a unique skillset to the Executive, having forged a successful career in public relations and corporate communications before completing a Master of AmyTeaching (Secondary) in 2020 to become an English teacher. Amy’s expertise in crafting clear, concise and engaging communication, combined with her passion for education and lifelong learning enables her to make a meaningful contribution to the OWCA. Having enjoyed an enriching education at Wesley, Amy feels a strong affinity to the College and, as a member of the Executive, hopes to help other alumni benefit from the sense of community and connection that the OWCA has to offer.

Kunal Rastogi is a Partner at Crestone Wealth Management, where he provides investment and wealth advice to a select group of high-net-worthKunal R individuals, families and not-for-profits. Kunal started his career in Law, then moved into Financial Advisory, where he cultivated his skills at Goldman Sachs, Macquarie and UBS before becoming one of the founding Partners at Crestone. Kunal sits on the advisory boards of several not-for-profit organisations and is excited about the prospect of leveraging these experiences to add value to the OWCA. Having directly seen the benefits of strong school affiliations in his career, Kunal is keen to further enhance the professional and social networks for all OWs.

Tom PewtressI am a student at Monash University, with a keen interest in politics and am currently working in policy. Engaging my community is something I have always been passionate about, leading me to campaign as a candidate in the City of Monash Council elections. I remain a committee member of Monash Business Awards to promote local commerce, which allows me to remain engaged with the local business community. Representing my community’s interests in higher office remains a lifelong ambition. Leaving Wesley in 2018 as one of the School Captains, I felt a strong connection to the College, along with a desire to give back to the place which served me so well. This is why the opportunity to represent my fellow Wesley alumni on the OWCA Executive was one I was delighted to take up and continue to enjoy.

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