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News from the Sapere Aude Bequest Society

The Adare Manor Hotel & Golf Resort in County Limerick was one of many historic hotels featured in our popular Bequest Society webinars during lockdown

The gift of a Wesley education

Membership of our Society continues to grow with more members of our College community recognising the importance of bequests in assisting the long term development of Wesley College. Many leave their bequest to the discretion of the Principal for the College to use in the area of greatest need, while an increasing number are directing their bequest to our Scholarships program to enable more worthy students to gain the benefit of a Wesley education.

Leaving a bequest to the Wesley College Foundation, irrespective of the quantum, provides automatic membership to our Bequest Society. Some bequestors choose to remain anonymous and their wishes are always respected. Membership provides opportunities to enjoy an interesting and comprehensive suite of annual activities and experiences with like-minded individuals, such as visits to cultural and historic institutions, guest speakers, social functions and College events.

To gain a better understanding of our scholarships program and our bequest society, we invite you to view our two new videos:

wesleycollege.edu.au/community/ support-us/bequests

wesleycollege.edu.au/community/ support-us/donate/scholarships-bursaries-prizes-fund

For a confidential discussion about our bequest program, please contact our Bequests and Donor Relations Manager Debra Stiebel at: debra.stiebel@wesleycollege.edu.au In addition to the extraordinary $4.9m bequest from the late Rennie Coutts that was highlighted in the August edition of this magazine, the Foundation acknowledges, with enormous gratitude, the following bequests from members of our Sapere Aude Bequest Society...

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