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To Christian (OW2006) and Daniela on 21 June 2021, a daughter, Alissa Filomena, a niece for Matthew (OW2008)


To Sam (OW2001) and Rebecca Pickering on 19 August 2021, a daughter, Penny


To Eliza Chancellor (OW2007) and Kyle on 19 January 2022, a son, Fergus, a nephew for Scott (OW2007) and Amanda (OW2012), a grandson for Peter (OW1974), a great grandson for David Chancellor (OW1942)


To Yana Podolskaya (OW1993) and Cliffon on 23 June 2021, a son, Clinton Gin


To Otto (OW2007) and Tingmei on 17 November 2021, a son, Kieran, a nephew for Benny (OW2014)


To Julian (OW 2003) and Melissa on 12 October 2021, a son, Hamish Phillip, a brother for Lewis, a nephew for Hugh (OW 2004) and Toby (OW2008), a grandson for Charles (OW1970)


To Mercia (Howard) (OW1999) and Kyle (OW1999) on 17 December 2020, a daughter, Delaney Ruthe, a sister for Flynn, Adelyn and Tobias


To Bridget Steele (OW2006) and Greg on 1 January 2022, a son, Archie David, a nephew for Megan (OW1999) and Ellen (OW2001), a grandson for David Steele (Former staff)


To Olivia Rankin (OW2007) and Daniel (OW2007) on 27 April 2021, a son, Benjamin Ronald, a nephew for Nick Rankin (OW2003) and Christopher Hiiri (OW2010)


To Lauren Thurin (OW2008) and Ollie (OW2003) on 11 January 2022, a daughter, Bella Blake, a niece for Josh (OW2006), a granddaughter for David Thurin (OW1975), a granddaughter for The Hon Justice Linda Dessau and Mr Tony Howard


To Phillip (OW1987) and Alice, a daughter, Anouk, a niece to Michael (OW1983)


To Jordan (OW1997) and Sarah Dallimore on 9 September 2021, a daughter, Georgia Mary, a niece for Marissa (OW1998)


To Adam (OW2000) and Alexandra on 16 February 2021, a daughter, Holly, a sister for Zoe, a niece for Karina (OW2001)

To Cameron (OW2006) and Jesse on 18 October 2021, a daughter, Olivia Marie, a granddaughter for Norman (OW1981)

To Grant (OW1986) and Paula on 2 February 2022, a daughter, Izabelle May, a sister for Jonty, Fletcher, Maddisyn and Jade

To Giulia Kossman (OW2008) and Andrew on 26 October 2021, a daughter, Isabel Georgie Adele, a sister for Sofia, a niece for Philip (OW2011)

FASTIER – WAHAB (No image provided)

To Claire Fastier (OW2000) and Kal El-Wahab on 8 January 2022, a son, Max, a nephew for Hilary (OW1998)


To Sheridan Eddington (OW2009) and Bart (OW2009) on 11 February 2022, a son, Walter Murray, a nephew for Freya (OW2011) and Sunday (OW2014)
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