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Sapere Aude Bequest Society

The Society has a wonderful program of events planned for 2022. While things have certainly improved over the last few months in terms of COVID, we know that many in our community remain hesitant to join in group (especially indoor) activities. The return to the ‘normal’ routine of life is going be a gradual process.

Last year, the Sapere Aude Bequest Society (SABS) offered members a series of webinars on a broad range of topics. Many people wrote saying how much they enjoyed these sessions and commented how the webinars helped them during the lockdown(s).

Given the current uncertainty, SABS has decided to continue the webinars for the foreseeable future. Our first offering for the year was presented by Kenneth Park who serves as philanthropy and curatorial associate in the Foundation. As many of you would know, under normal circumstances, Kenneth is a bit of a globetrotter. So once the Australian Government opened the borders to travel, he jetted off to Singapore for ten days over Christmas and three weeks later, visited Fiji for a week.

In his webinar ‘Singapore profiled’, which attracted a large audience, Kenneth spoke on traveling in a COVID world and about his experiences getting in and out of the country. He confirmed that the arrangements in Singapore were incredibly efficient as might be expected. Yes, there was some paperwork and a few more COVID tests than normal. As for Singapore, it was remarkably uncrowded, and everything was open. The locals were opting for staycations and filling up the hotels. In his illustrated talk, Kenneth considered the fascinating history and incredible progress of Singapore. He highlighted the wonderful tourist and cultural offerings of the island nation, particularly with the opening in the last couple of decades of a fabulous collection of world-class museums.

The lecture also provided an insight into the foodie scene. Singapore really does offer up an amazing range of Asian and international cuisine experiences. He gave a big shout out to Mark Samlal (OW1981) for reminding him to go the newly refurbished Raffles Hotel and to dine in the Tiffin Room, which was superb. Kenneth also researched the Long Bar, Writer’s Bar and Courtyard eatery. Many of you will have called into Raffles on past trips. The hotel has really been spruced up and is certainly worth a visit. It has managed to maintain its historic ambience while moving to meet more contemporary service demands.

The lecture was a boon for the armchair and intending traveller alike. We all live in hope that we can travel more freely in Australia and abroad.

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