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Boat Race Dinner


  • Joe Bryant (OW2020) OWCA Paul Guest Rowing Medal winner of 2019 and Captain of Boats in 2020, and Evelyn Dow (OW2020), Captain of Boats in 2020 and OWCA Paul Guest Rowing Medal winner for 2020 propose the Toast
  • Hannah Burke (OW2018), Iris Hasting (OW2018), Courtney Neiwand (OW2017), Tess Ogilvie (OW2018)
  • 1970 winning crew members Garry Grace (OW1970) and Craig Williams (OW1970), Olympian Bob Duncan (OW1946) and 1970 winning crew member and coach of the winning girls crew of 1987, Peter Benjamin (OW1970)

After the 2020 Boat Race Dinner was cancelled due to the pandemic, Wesley’s rowing community were thrilled to be back at Leonda by the Yarra for the 2021 event. The Firsts crew from 2020 were acknowledged and presented to the guests alongside the presentation of  the 2021 First Crews.

The OWCA was delighted to have Noel Donaldson, Head Coach, Victorian Institute of Sport and Victorian Performance Pathway, as guest speaker. Noel’s decades of experiences, many involving rowers in that very room,  were both amusing and inspirational.

This wonderful night was further enhanced by the presentation of both the 2020 and 2021 OWCA Paul Guest Rowing Medal. Based on three inherent values of Leadership, Humility and Inspiration, the Olympic quality medal  is voted upon by crew members of the Boys and Girls Firsts crews by secret ballot. The Principal awarded the 2020 medal to Evelyn Dow (OW2020) and the tied 2021 medal to Leyla Kenneally and Lucy Thompson.

The OWCA thanks the Alan Mitchell Club (AMC) for sponsoring all students of the 2020 and 2021 Firsts Crews to attend at no charge. We thank the President of AMC, Ana McCloskey, for the club’s continued support, and encourage all OWs who would like to experience or return to rowing to contact the Club.

Events calendar

Don't miss Founders' Day Lunch with special guest speaker Julian Druce (OW1982) Head of Virus Identification Laboratory, Doherty Institute.

Dr Julian Druce is Head of the Virus Identification Laboratory at the Peter Doherty Institute for Infection and Immunity, who made world headlines when he successfully grew COVID-19 from a patient sample – a crucial breakthrough in helping medical scientists around the world accurately diagnose and develop a vaccine. >>Book now and find out more.


Friday 28

Founders’ Day Lunch

Kooyong Lawn Tennis Club


Friday 4

GW 1996 / 1995 25 Year  Reunion           Senior Café, GW

Tuesday 8
Canberra Dinner
Friday 18
SKR 2010 / 2011 10 Year Reunion            Union Hotel


Friday 16

GW 2010 / 2011 10 Year Reunion            Union Hotel

Tuesday 20
Leaders Series Keynote                 Senior Lecture Theatre, SKR
Friday 23Brisbane Dinner


Friday 6

GW 2015 / 2016 5 Year Reunion            Union Hotel

Friday 13
SKR 1980 / 1981 40 Year Reunion            Cato Room, SKR
Saturday 14Sydney Dinner
Friday 20
2020 1 Year Ball              The Park


Friday 3

SKR 2015/2016 5 Year Reunion            Union Hotel

Friday 17/18/19OW Boarders Weekend               Bendigo


Friday 1

Golden Lions Lunch            Cato Room, SKR

Friday 8
GW 2000/2001 20 Year Reunion                            Senior Café, GW
Thursday 15
Geelong Lunch     Geelong Boat House
Friday 22
SKR 1990/1991 30 Year Reunion                            Cato Room, SKR
Wednesday 27
Mornington Peninsula Lunch


Friday 5

GW 2019 1 Year Reunion (rescheduled from 2020)         Union Hotel

Sunday 14
Elsternwick Decades Reunion     Fitchett Hall, Elsternwick
Friday 19
SKR 2019 1 Year Reunion (rescheduled from 2020)         Union Hotel
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