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Learn a language to unlock a world of opportunities

Learning a language is not just about mastering vocabulary; it’s a way to broaden cultural insights, enhance linguistic awareness and foster respect for diverse world views.

At Wesley College, students from Prep to Year 4 begin their school journey learning about the Chinese language. In Year 5, they choose between Chinese and French. Japanese is added as a choice in Years 7 to 10, and Year 11 and 12 students completing the IB Diploma Program can study Spanish 'Ab Initio', a subject designed for those with no prior experience of Spanish. Students can also choose to study other languages through third party providers for a small additional cost. There are also language tours available, like the recent Year 12 French study tour which saw 27 senior school students embark on an 8-day adventure to Noumea, New Caledonia.

Students were immersed in French language and Caledonian culture and given ample real-life opportunities to practise and develop their fluency. The key component of the tour was the students’ attendance at CREIPAC (Centre de Rencontres et d’Echanges Internationaux du Pacifique), where they undertook 15 hours of intensive language classes with experienced native French language teachers.

'It was an incredibly interesting and challenging experience to use French in a practical setting,' said Harshvir (Year 12). 'This experience significantly helped my spoken French through using it for day-to-day interactions and the intensive lessons at CREIPAC. Noumea itself was a beautiful city and made for a great backdrop to a memorable experience.'

The group stayed in a hotel on the idyllic Anse Vata Beach, and participated in excursions to the beautiful Phare Amédée, where sea turtles and tricots rayés (sea snakes) were spotted near and around the beautiful turquoise lagoon.

Year 12 students Veronica, Eleni, Gabby and Maddy on the boat to Phare Amédée, New Caledonia

A visit to the local market to buy food and souvenirs tested our students’ French, and Kanak culture was explored at the stunning Centre Culturel Tjibaou. Local flora and fauna, including the national symbol, the Cagou, were seen during a visit to the Parc Forestier, and the sites of Nouméa enjoyed during a tour on the famous Tchou-Tchou train.

Eleni (Year 12) explained how the trip improved her confidence immensely. 'I felt compelled to speak French in almost every conversation throughout the trip,' she said. 'Not only at CREIPAC, but also in casual discussions with locals in the area, such as at the hotel, shops and restaurants. I loved that it was so immersive!'

In addition to the French tour, Wesley also runs study tours to China and Japan throughout the year for students who wish to experience new cultures, develop a greater understanding of a diverse world, and become thoughtful, engaged and contributing global citizens.