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Our School Captains

Glen Waverley Campus School Captains 2020
Glen Waverley School Captains Brock Heavyside and Sasha Lethbridge

Someone to lead with integrity and by example, someone who gives back, and overall someone who understands our needs and helps us achieve common goals. These qualities are what we look for in a good world leader, and they’re what our School Captains expect of themselves.

Meet our 2020 Glen Waverley School Captains, Sasha Lethbridge and Brock Heavyside, and St Kilda Road School Captains, Penny Donnan and Henry Rawling.

As school leaders, they share much in common. They lead with integrity and by example, give back to the school, understand the needs of their peers, younger and older, and know how to set and achieve common goals. Another characteristic the young leaders have in common is their involvement in a wide range of activities – from Big Band to water polo, swimming clubs and choirs to the school musical.

For Penny, one of the best things about attending Wesley has been ‘every opportunity we’ve been given. There’s so much on offer and I’ve tried to throw myself into as many cocurricular things as possible, because you’re not always given those opportunities outside school.’

‘Membership of these groups has taught me to work hard alongside my peers to achieve common goals,’ Penny says. ‘I have learnt how to motivate young people, create an enthusiastic learning atmosphere and inspire them to challenge themselves.’

Sasha agrees that being actively involved in various ensembles has enabled her to understand many different areas of school life, and with the foresight of a true leader, she adds that it’s helped her understand the needs of many groups within the school.

Brock has had several experiences leading peers, as School Captain of his primary school, a Middle School Captain at Wesley and leading the 130-strong National Boys Choir. He counts clear public speaking and the way he presents himself as important aspects of being a leader.

Henry, who joined Wesley in Year 5, says that he has always looked up to the Year 12 students. ‘These leaders have had a major influence on my wonderful experience at the school and encouraged me to engage in the many opportunities the school offers,’ he says.

Henry’s advice to new students is to ‘give everything a shot’, discover what you like and pursue your cocurricular interests throughout your school years.

In his application for a Prefect role, Henry wrote that much of his enjoyment at school has been due to the ongoing support of his peers and teachers. ‘I have truly loved my time at Wesley, and I’d like to leave the school knowing that I have given back as much as I can to the school that has given us so many opportunities,’ Henry says.

In Sasha’s application, she wrote: ‘I promise to make an influential contribution to the school community. I’ll lead by example; with respect, confidence and discipline, to ensure we are “the best school of all”.’

These four young leaders are stepping up to a big role as School Captains, but by all accounts they are the right people to do so – and they will have the support of their peers across the student leadership team and the fine team of leaders within the school staff.

St Kilda Road Campus School Captains 2020
St Kilda Road School Captains Penelope Donnan and Henry Rawling