The last few months have been particularly special for me as a member of the Wesley community, as I head into the final year of my second tenure as President of the Old Wesley Collegians Association. In June, the OWCA held its Annual General Meeting where I reported that engagement across the board within the Association continues to rise and our Executive Board is the envy of our APS counterparts, due to our gender balance and generational diversity.

At this year’s AGM, we farewelled two key members of our Board, who both left lasting impressions on us as a working group. Immediate Past Vice President David Kennedy (OW1966) was a member of the OWCA Board for a little over three years – two of those as Vice President. David played a key role in improving our culture and effectiveness, and passionately worked across both Founders’ Day Dinner and Founders’ Day Lunch events during his time of service. We thank him sincerely for his outstanding contribution and dedication to our organisation.

We also bid farewell to Anastasia Malishev (OW1995), who during her time, made fundamental contributions in the sponsorship space. We wholeheartedly credit her with the creation of WOW: Women of Wesley, which will forever be her legacy with the Association. Anastasia, we thank you for your involvement.

In early July, I travelled to the United Kingdom to represent the OWCA and host an event in London to connect with all our wonderful Alumni in the region. We were fortunate that this visit coincided with Nick Evans’ (OW1985) first trip to London as Principal of Wesley College and that he was able to attend this wonderful evening.  What a special and impressive turnout it was, with 42 Alumni from the 1970s, 1980s, 1990s, 2000s, 2010s - and even the 2020s - all living, working, and some holidaying in the UK.  I can confirm the Wesley spirit is very much alive and well in that corner of the world.

I then had the great privilege and pleasure of travelling to Mesen in Belgium to represent the OWCA at the unveiling of a plaque to commemorate Captain Robert Grieve VC (OW1904). It was an honour to be involved in such a special moment in Wesley’s history and celebrate this extraordinary OW.

OWCA President Kate Evans and daughter Riley

Topping-off a wonderful few months, my six-year-old daughter commenced her Wesley journey in mid-June, and my purple heart burst with pride. To say I was a little emotional about this next chapter in her life would be an understatement. There were many happy tears in our household that week, with my Wesley experience coming full circle.

On a final note, if you are keen to join our dedicated team of Old Wesley Collegians who volunteer their time to give back to the College and their fellow OWs, please contact me via email – I’d love to connect with you.

Kate Evans (OW1998)
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Class of 2022 Combined 1 Year Reunion: Change of Date

We will now be holding a combined 1 Year Reunion for the Class of 2022. Please note that the date for this reunion has changed to 27 October.
Reconnect with friends from across the College and celebrate the Class of 2022 at your 1 year reunion at the Union Hotel, Windsor.
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OWCA Executive

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Alessia Francese (OW2016)
Luca Jolson (OW2022)

The OWCA Executive is a dedicated team of alumni from various backgrounds, who volunteer their time to give back to Wesley and their fellow OWs, enriching their alumni experience.

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