We are thrilled to share the incredible success of the JOY program which explored the power of our happy hormones - D.O.S.E (Dopamine, Oxytocin, Serotonin, and Endorphins) and how different activities can release these hormones and in turn, affect the way we feel.

Year 7 students Jack, Archer and Shawn

Year 7 students participated in a wide range of activities from African drumming to making friendship bracelets, creating art through drawing, painting and origami, playing music and even mini golf. It was heartwarming to witness their smiles and laughter as they immersed themselves in activities which were fun, creative and collaborative, and stimulated the release of those happy hormones!

The JOY program isn’t just about personal growth, so its reach was extended to benefit the entire school community with Year 7s stepping up as leaders to host a wellbeing session for Junior School students.

Year 7 students leading Junior School students in joyful programs

‘The wellbeing session was a sight to behold! Junior School students were spoilt for choice, with a plethora of stations offering unique ways to boost happiness and foster a positive mindset.  Because we were working with younger students, we had to demonstrate dynamic thinking and initiative to keep it simple but still interesting and fun.’ - Erin Lee, 7S

By embracing ‘service as action’ as part of this program, our Year 7s demonstrated a deep understanding of the value of giving back to the community and supporting others on their wellbeing journey. We are proud of the maturity they brought to this task.

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