Futures Week at the Elsternwick Campus included an exciting array of elective activities for our Year 7-9 students, culminating in a three-day 'Smoothie Bar' entrepreneurship incursion.

The Pokémon Potions smoothie bar

Following a detailed product development and design process (which involved a LOT of tastings!) and some serious discussions about branding and marketing, the students opened their market stalls for a Smoothie Bar Carnival to entice our very discerning Years 3-6 'consumers'.

Our younger customers provided feedback on each team's marketing materials and business concepts, with the team deemed to have the most impactful product and brand awarded a prize (and plenty of bragging rights) at the end of the program.

That honour went to the ‘Pokémon Potions’ team (Year 7 students Oliver, Charvi, Eamon and Jack) who worked collaboratively and enthusiastically to bring their brand and vision to life, including bringing extra props in from home and creating signage and tools that effectively engaged their consumers.  Well done boys!

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