Making connections at Clunes

Our Wesley at Clunes program is 58 days long. The core program is implemented throughout the term and then repeated with a new group of students in the term after that. You might think this means students will have the same Clunes experience each term. However, the experience belongs to each individual student, and they determine what that experience will look like for them.

Creating community on the footy field at Clunes

Making connections is an important part of the Clunes program. It involves conversing with others, sharing experiences and developing an appreciation for what it means to be part of a community. One of the beautiful things that staff at Clunes observe is students working together, finding their position within the group, and learning how they can contribute to the team to achieve their shared goals.

Sport has been an excellent vehicle for community connection, with our students playing with the mighty Clunes Football Club both this term and last. It was particularly lovely to share this experience with some of our parents on visitation weekend.

A highlight this term has been the emotional rollercoaster of watching the Matildas represent Australia on home soil in the World Cup. Huddled together in Jubilee Hall, the students played every minute alongside our newest national heroes, hoping, cheering and shedding a few tears along with the rest of the country when their journey ended.

To witness that level of skill and professionalism, and experience that wave of patriotism as a community, was truly incredible and is something our students will remember for years to come.

Go the Matildas!  We are so proud of you!

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