Milestones at Clunes

Enjoying the moment at Clunes: Mia Messervy-Stone, Ava Scurrah, Neve Horsley and Zara Schmidt

Wesley at Clunes offers many rich opportunities for growth and development. It is often while reflecting on their time here – sometimes years afterwards – that students recall reaching important personal milestones.

For parents, teachers and staff involved in the Clunes program, this may be the MYP Community Project, affectionately known as PAC (the Passion, Agency and Connection project), achieving a drone licence, running 15 km without stopping, using woodwork tools to create something useful, or camping overnight in the bush - all great achievements!

But for students, it could be anything from the simple to the significant: making a meal for peers in their household; forming new friendships; accepting that homesickness is inevitable but worth working through; negotiating personal challenges with agency; looking after themselves; accepting and being proud of who they are; enjoying a conversation with peers on a deeper level than usual; learning to enjoy their own company without devices; contributing to the community, and more.

For this reason, we encourage our Year 9s to make the most of every moment and opportunity in this once-in-a-lifetime experience. Challenge is where growth and development occur. At Clunes, students embrace this in their own way and determine their own milestones.

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