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To Michael (OW2000) and Laura on 9 February 2022, a son, Leo William, a brother for Aurelia, a grandson for Nerolee (Corp) (Cato MLC 1973) and Ian (OW1971)


To Lindi Nankin (OW2013) and Zak Fleisher-Sharbanee on 18 September 2022, a son, Archie Sydney, a nephew for Jarrod (OW2012), Cameron (OW2014) and Hayden (OW2018), a grandson for Trevor Sydney Cohen AM (OW1955)


To Luke (OW2004) and Katie on 12 July 2022, a daughter, Naomi Avril, a niece for Adam (OW2000) and Natalie (OW2001)


To Troy (OW1995) and Kate on 5 October 2022, a daughter, Harriette Mcleod


To Tess (Malseed-Harris) (OW2005) and Tom on 31 May
2021, a son, Ziggy Tim, a brother for Ella, Flora and Toby, a nephew for Jules Malseed-Harris (OW1999) and Joanna Parkinson (Malseed-Harris) (OW2002), a grandson for Tim Malseed (OW1963)


To Andrew (OW1998) and Sally on 12 September 2021, a son, Samuel John, a nephew for Jonathon (OW1993) and Kate (OW1995), a grandson for Peter (OW1958)


To Amanda Allisey (OW2002) and Jackson on 8 December 2021, a son, Elliot Harvey, a nephew for Alicia Allisey (OW2000)


To Michael and Bridie on 3 October 2022, a son, Sam, a
nephew for Claudia (OW2010) and Gina (OW2016)


To Joanna (Malseed-Harris) (OW2002) and Christopher
(OW1999) on 28 February 2022, a son, Christopher (Kit) Henry, a brother for Eddie and Billy, a nephew for Jules Malseed-Harris (OW1999), Tess Gieroba (Malseed-
Harris) (OW2005) and Timothy Parkinson (OW2001), a grandson for Tim Malseed (OW1963)


To Caroline Diamond (OW2009) and Andrew on 25 August 2022, a son, Jack James, a nephew for
James (OW2001), Amanda (OW2003) and Paul (OW2006), a great grandson for Gordon Newton (OW1950)


To Sally (OW2007) (Naylor) and Jamie (OW2006) on 6 August 2021, a daughter, Olivia Eve, a sister for Harper, a niece for Emma (OW2009), Rebecca Naylor (OW2011), Jennifer Blumfield (Naylor) (OW2005) and Chris Blumfield (OW2002), a granddaughter for Scott (OW1962), a great granddaughter for Geoff (OW1949)


To Fergus (OW2003) and Jenna on 3 May 2022, a daughter, Cosette Mille Anne, a sister for Navy and
Tennyson, a niece for Jack (OW2005) and Ellie (OW2009)

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