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President's report

OWCA President, Kate Evans (OW1998), urges all OWs to stay in touch with friends, family, work colleagues and extended social networks

‘Staying connected’ is a strong message that seems to be everywhere we turn at the moment. Public health measures to contain the spread of COVID-19 have unquestionably had a profound impact on our physical health and mental wellbeing. For the majority of us our social relationships help maintain our psychological health. It’s so important that we stay in touch with friends, family, work colleagues and extended social networks.

Staying connected virtually is now such a big part of our ‘new normal,’ which is why the OWCA continues to bring together our 22,000-strong global community by pioneering new ways our association of OWs can remain in touch, build new connections and foster fresh networks in the online space.

I’m pleased to report that Lion magazine will continue in an online format and, as of this issue, will return to three print editions per year. You, our OW community, have expressed that you love this publication!

The past few months have seen the continuation of our OWCA@home panels, connecting OWs with professional specialists who have been able to share, advise, provoke and enlighten.

Josh Howard (OW2006), founder of Single Use Ain’t Sexy, gave a thoroughly informative and entertaining fourth session online in August, titled ‘Just Add Water: How making sustainability sexy put this entrepreneur ahead of the curve,’ and saw Josh tell us his amazing story, from law student and shirt ironer to environmental warrior and global hygiene leader.

In September, search engine optimisation (SEO) and marketing consultant Stephen Forde (OW1995), Director at Media Fortress, presented an exceptionally hands-on and interactive introduction to SEO, guiding us up the peaks and past the traps, and providing us with strategies to get our business websites noticed online.

OWConnect, our alumni directory app, made possible by our partnership with Incarta, is a big piece of the puzzle in our five-year strategic plan and is now live.

We encourage you to get on board, create your OW profile and upload your business details and imagery – and become ‘infinitely searchable.’ OWConnect will link up businesses and facilitate mentoring and career opportunities, social networking and support, all in a safe and secure environment. It might just be the springboard your business or service needs after the year we’ve had!

Our OWCA events calendar is yet to be set in stone for 2021, but we’re hopeful it will be full of reunions, functions and celebrations. As we move towards a fresh start in the new year, we hope more clarity around gatherings will become apparent.

The OWCA sends their very best wishes to the graduating Class of 2020. Our hearts go out to you: we are thinking of all the memorable traditions you have missed as a result of the pandemic in your final year of school, but we look forward to assisting you as you transition into the next stage of your life, and formally welcoming you into the OWCA when we can all come together again, to celebrate and commemorate your challenging year.

Please reach out and check in on a fellow OW you may not have seen in a while – #stayconnected – by phone, snail mail, email, text, FaceTime, Zoom or social media. This year, more than ever, it’s so important for us to look after each other and ensure our connections to communities such as the OWCA stay strong.

Season’s greetings, and sincere positivity for the new year from your OWCA.

Kate Evans (OW1998)

#oldwesleycollegians #bleedingpurpleandgold #WomenofWesley #FDD2021 #stayconnected

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