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Wesley Memories – Gilmour Family Donation

Felix with the new timpani

Jacinta Janssens and Alexandra Cameron were delighted when parents Susan and Joe Gilmour contacted them to make a donation towards Elsternwick’s music program in gratitude for the wonderful education and opportunities their children have had at this campus. Susan explains the family’s generational links to Wesley and their philanthropic motivation:

'The Gilmours and Mitchells joined the College in the 1920s and are fourth generation Wesley. Great-grandfathers, grandfathers, fathers and now our sons have attended Wesley from Pre-Prep to Year 9. Along with these connections, my mother Eleanor Newcombe (then Eleanor Mitchell) worked as a Year 4 teacher at the new Glen Waverley campus (then known as Syndal) from 1966 to 1969 before starting her family.

My parents, Eleanor Mitchell and Ross Newcombe, were given special permission to be married at the St Kilda Road chapel many years ago, and her Year 4 students cheered as they came out of the chapel.

When we decided to carry on the tradition with our four boys, we chose the Elsternwick campus due to its smaller and more intimate setting. This year marks our 18th and final year at Elsternwick, with our youngest, Henry, heading to the St Kilda Road campus next year. Our second youngest, Felix, finishes Year 12 there this year. Our older two, James and Oliver, moved through the campuses a few years ago.

Having our boys at the Elsternwick Campus has been an absolute joy. The connections made over the last 18 years, with the incredible teachers, parents and children, has been amazing and as a special thank you to the campus, particularly the music department, we decided to donate money for the new timpani.

The Elsternwick music school has been such an incredible support, especially to our son Felix, who has learned piano from Prep and percussion from Year 2. It has been a wonderful beginning for Felix who has gone on to play in many bands at St Kilda Road and is looking at further music studies and a career in music when he finishes this year.

I will miss the Elsternwick Campus dearly. So many drop-offs and pick-ups, the special connections, the wonderful memories.'

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