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To Rod (OW1995) and Laura on 27 May 2021, a daughter, Noemie Sylba Dabudyk, a sister for Louis, a niece
for Lauren (OW1999), a granddaughter for Stuart (OW1957)


To Sam (OW2007) and Maidie Laidlaw on 28 April 2021, a daughter, Amelia Angela, a niece for Lucy (OW2004) and Piri (OW2001), a granddaughter for Jeremy (OW1970)


To Peter (OW1998) and Rebecca on 28 May 2021, a daughter, Georgia Toni


To Mitchell (OW2006) and Jessica Gumley (OW2006) on 5 Dec 2020, a son, Hugo, a nephew for Paul (OW2003) and Daniel Gumley (OW2008), a grandson for Glenis Gumley (past staff)


To Christine (OW1995) on 9 November 2020, a daughter, Alice, a niece for Jane Guy (Kelly) (OW1999)


To Charlie (OW2008) and Lauren (OW2008) on 23 April 2021, a daughter, Edith Rose, a sister for Marley, a niece for Alexandra (OW2010)


To Gregory (OW2007) and Kylie (OW2007) on 21 March 2021, a daughter, Victoria, a niece for Warrick (OW2001) and Kenneth Saw (OW2005)


To Jeremy (OW1995) and Ana on 21 January 2021, a son, Lucas, a brother for Jacob, a nephew for Jessica (OW1992)


To Sharon (Kloester) (OW2001) and Gary on 23 February 2021, a son, James Nathaniel, a nephew for Jason Kloester (OW2001)


To Georgia Parsons (OW2001) and Mark Pettifer on 19 March 2021, a daughter, Leila Valentina, a sister for Isabella and Charlie, a granddaughter for Keith (OW1979)


To Nadine (Denison) (OW2008) and Shannon on 9 June 2021, a son, Wilbur Michael, a brother to Oscar, a  nephew to Grant (2006)
To Penny (OW2004) and Michael Phelan on 21 March 2021, a son, Baxter Edward Osborn, a nephew for Ali (OW2006)


To Britt (OW2010) and Joseph on 31 March 2021, a daughter, Hailey, a niece for Ryan (OW2002) and Tyler (OW2005), a granddaughter for Terri (past staff)


To Jamie (OW1995) and Danielle Rogers, on 19 November 2020, a son Edward Jonah, a brother for Jackson


To Tim (OW2010) and Nikki on 25 June 2021, a daughter, Sienna Grace, a sister for Ivy, a granddaughter for Greg (OW1976)


To Al (OW2004) and Kristi on 30 March 2021, a son, Oliver Richard, a brother for Charlotte, a nephew for Rollo (OW2000) and Adam (OW2008)

With sincere apologies to the Cutts family for the errors which appear in print edition regarding the birth notice for Amelia. A correction and apology will appear in the December issue.

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