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College snapshots

A new home for Prep play

Senior School students (from left) Christina Nelson, Cheryl Wang, Tianna Nguyen and Visual Arts Prefect Stefan Bombelli represent the larger group of artists

Inspiration comes in many forms, and nowhere is this more obvious than in the recent refurbishment of Glen Waverley’s Prep cubby house, which was designed by the creative minds of a group of senior students. Ben Dooley, Head of Junior School, had asked them to imagine and transform the tired and drab old cubby in the Prep backyard into something that was inspiring and enticing for small children. Fair to say that the design and colour that was unleashed has given this cubby house something of a magical appearance and a future of creative play for some of our youngest Wesley students.

For Year 11 student Cheryl Wang, ‘the process of redesigning and painting the timeworn cubby house with my peers was an experience in itself; however, the idea of being able to give back to the community I grew up being a part of is the reason why I participated in this project.’ Cheryl’s Year 11 colleague Tianna Nguyen, who began her life at Wesley as a Prep student in 2010, has always felt a strong connection with the Junior School environment. ‘The Prep cubby house was a part of its fun and nurturing aura. However, the walls were all painted a plain pale tan colour, and it was honestly quite scary with all the random spider webs hidden in its crevices!’ she says.

‘Having the opportunity to revitalise a site with such sentimental and nostalgic value, it felt great knowing that current and future Prep students are going to be able to enjoy a much more inviting cubby house. And who knows, maybe some of those current Prep students will paint over the cubby house again 11 years into the future!’

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