New Sponsors: Greenrock Advisory - a great Wesley story

The Wesley College Foundation gratefully acknowledges the generous support of our sponsors who help underpin our extensive suite of functions and events. This year, we welcome Greenrock Advisory which was established by two Wesley alumni, Michael Mancuso and Sam Adams, both from the Class of 2008. This is their story.

OW2008: Michael Mancuso and Sam Adams

Michael and Sam met at Wesley College 20 years ago and formed a strong bond that would eventually lead to the establishment of one of Australia's leading property investment advisory firms, Greenrock Advisory. As teenagers, they were already showing signs of entrepreneurial spirit and drive, qualities that would serve them well in their later years.

Their education at Wesley College played a significant role in shaping who they are today. Wesley provided them with a strong foundation in business, finance and economics, skills that have been critical to the success of Greenrock Advisory. The school's emphasis on teamwork and collaboration also instilled in them the importance of working together to achieve a common goal.

A number of years on, Michael and Sam have built a thriving business that provides financial services and property investment solutions to clients across Australia. Their passion for entrepreneurship and desire to give back to the community has driven them to explore ways in which they can support the next generation of young business leaders.

It is in this spirit that Greenrock Advisory is proud to announce sponsorship of the Wesley College Foundation, and its commitment to providing networking and other opportunities to students and alumni. They believe that by supporting the education and development of young people, they can help to foster the entrepreneurial spirit that has driven them to success.

Wesley College has always been an important part of Michael and Sam's story, and they are excited to be able to give back to the school and its students in any way they can.

Their success is testament to the impact that a strong education can have on shaping one's future. Their journey from classmates at Wesley to business partners and entrepreneurs is a true reflection of the transformative power of education and the entrepreneurial spirit. Greenrock Advisory is proud to be supporting Wesley College through the Foundation and looks forward to helping shape the futures of the next generation of business leaders.

On a more personal note, they each have a baby boy, Sam and Dominic, who were born six months apart – almost the same gap that Michael and Sam share. Both will be Wesley boys when they are older. What are the odds?

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