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House Events Unbound

The pleasure of the moment: Way House students competing at Tunnelball

A sad consequence of two years of lockdowns and restrictions has been the absence of House Events on campus, but with constraints now lifted, they’re back with a vengeance! Students have grabbed the opportunity to reconnect with their school community by fully embracing these competitive, fun-filled events and enjoying the simple, rediscovered pleasure of living in the moment, surrounded by others.

If all this sounds decidedly physical, that’s because it is. The Senior Schools at both Glen Waverley and St Kilda Road have seen event participation like never before, with masses of students seeking to represent their Houses in full vigour, spurred on by cheering crowds of students and staff.

Adamson House Captain at St Kilda Road Campus, Nellie Hanna attributes the energy to ‘just being back together, and being able to do the things that were taken away during lockdown. Everyone’s just really excited!’ she said.

Iconic House Events are back, with many choosing to enthusiastically participate in activities such as Tunnelball, Limbo, Dodgeball and Musical Chairs. But new and unique experiences are also in the mix. At Glen Waverley Campus, the Lunar New Year Games saw students try their hand at the traditional Korean game of Yut Nori.

Lunar New Year’s Games: Charlotte Ford tries out traditional Korean game Yut Nori

Menzies House Prefect Will Humphries explains: ‘In the game, there are four Yuts thrown, and the number of them that fall in your favour are the number of moves you are allowed to make along the board. Such an experience is only possible in such a multicultural school environment, and one which is open to try new and varied events such as this.’

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