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Calculated success at the Australian Maths Competition

Several Wesley students have shown their prowess in problem solving at the Australian Mathematics Competition. Students solved unique maths-based problems designed to challenge and extend their problem-solving skills by leading educators and academics.

One of our top achievers, Albert (Year 12)

The following students received Distinctions, which are awarded to students in the top 20% of their year and region for the Junior Division and top 25% for the Senior Division:

Year 5: Eason and Isaac

Year 7: Jonathan, Karina, Will, Audrey, Louis, Levent, Dylan, Joshua, Zhenying and Lexie

Year 8: Alexander, Isabella, Michelle, Clara, Oliver, Jason, Alina, Baci and Justin

Year 9: Robert, Isaac, Tristan, Stirling and Max

Year 10: Glenn, James, Ariel, Jenna and Kara

Year 11: Nemo and Michael

High Distinctions were awarded to August (Year 7), Yen (Year 8), Thomas (Year 8), Allan (Year 10), Kimi (Year 10), Finley (Year 11). These students are in the top 3% of their year and region for the Junior Division or top 5% for the Senior Division.

Year 8 student, Samuel, was awarded a Prize for his work, one of the highest levels of recognition.

Albert (Year 12) achieved a perfect score for his entry. He was awarded a Prize - ‘Best in School’ and the ‘Peter O’Halloran Award’, in recognition of his perfect score. It is named after the founding Executive Director of the Australian Maths Trust, Peter O’Halloran.

Albert, who studied the IB Diploma Program, plans to continue studying maths once he graduates. He hopes he can study a joint degree in Physics or Computer Science with maths.