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What does it mean to wear purple

The Year 7 Combined Chapel Service brought together over 350 Year 7 students from each of the three Wesley College campuses for one of the first College-wide events of the year.

Fraser at the Year 7 Combined Chapel Service

In her sermon, Kaylea Fearn, Chaplain at the St Kilda Road Campus, spoke about what it means to wear the Wesley College uniform, and its distinctive purple colour.

‘It is wonderful for me to look out and see a sea of purple in front of me today. We are indeed the ‘purple school’… and we are in good company, as some of the greatest cultural icons of all time also don the colour purple.

At the St Kilda Road Campus, we have been ruminating on what it means to wear purple, as when you wear your purple uniforms, you embody the history and culture of the school.

Purple robes are worn by kings and priests, the wealthy and powerful, noble characters and even Jesus himself. Purple is rare and exotic. Purple is prestigious. Purple is precious.

Almost 3,000 years later, what it means to wear purple hasn’t changed much at all. The truth is, it’s not the dye in the wool that makes purple precious. It’s the ability of those who wear it to see the opportunities around them.

When you put your uniform on every morning, may you be reminded of the blessing of this colour, and how it sets you apart. My prayer for your Wesley journey is that you seek out every opportunity to grow in wisdom, faith and integrity for the good of all… because that’s what it means to wear purple.’

What does it mean to our students to wear purple?

Following the service, we asked our students to reflect on what wearing purple means to them:

‘At Wesley College, to wear purple means to make a commitment to ourselves and others, to learn, live and grow together.  As the Class of 2028, we commit to leaving a legacy where we change the world around us for the better.’ - Erin, Glen Waverley Campus.

‘To me, being a Wesley student means always trying your hardest in all classroom activities and taking all the opportunities you get because you will never get the same chance again. Have fun and show kindness towards each other.’ – Jessica, Elsternwick Campus.

Fraser, from the St Kilda Road Campus, addressed his classmates at the service, sharing these final thoughts:

‘The next time we will all gather here together will be for our graduation in 2028. Today, I would like to make a wish that all of us take advantage of the opportunities before us, from the 21 sports on offer to the numerous music, theatre, academic, arts and community building programs available. That we build strong bonds and friendships and that we do whatever we can to make the world a more positive place.’ - Fraser, St Kilda Road Campus