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Reflection on being in Year 7

Maggie and Mackenzie reflect on their year of change and choice, and being Year 7 students at Wesley.

Mackenzie, Year 7

2021 was my first year at Wesley College. Like many others, I transitioned from primary school to high school this year. Although this year was filled with many challenges from both a global perspective and a personal perspective, it still managed to be an amazing year.

When I started out at Wesley, I knew no one that walked the halls. Now, I have beautiful, talented friends that care for me, and have made many bonds that I know will last a lifetime.

This year I have partaken in many opportunities, and I believe that if it were not for Wesley’s incredibly positive attitude about taking risks and putting yourself out there, I may not have participated in quite as much.

This year I was a part of the chorus for two musicals through Wesley. The Year 5-7 musical, ‘Something Wicked This Way Comes’, and the campus musical, ‘Matilda’. I thoroughly enjoyed working with my peers to create an outstanding piece of art for many to enjoy.

We all participate in a winter and summer team sport. Whilst I am not a particularly sporty person, I believe that having to work with other people in a team has highlighted many skills that I will continue to use for the rest of my life. These skills include teamwork, honesty, empathy, selflessness, communication, quick thinking and building relationships.

Another part of the Year 7 curriculum is playing a musical instrument. You are able to choose from strings, brass, woodwind and percussion. I decided to play violin. I enjoy playing the violin, and it is definitely something I would have never done if it weren’t for Wesley.

In conclusion, I have thoroughly enjoyed my time at Wesley College in Year 7. I believe that Wesley is a fantastic school that truly encourages students to take opportunities and put themselves out there. Wesley has great motives and is definitely a place I want to stay at.

Maggie, Year 7

Year 7 is really the beginning of something new; the year of changes, the year of choices, the year where you take ownership of the things you do. I don’t know about anyone else but my year so far has been really different to what I imagined, my life has been changing non-stop. Sometimes for the better, other times not so much.

Year 7 has been helping me grow and become a better person. The experiences that I have been through have taught me a lot. I really enjoyed the transition day because it helped me get comfortable with my new Year 7 life and helped me to meet new people and friends. House events really help to make me feel a part of a team, a part of something meaningful. Being in a House and participating in House events teaches me to give and not just receive.

I also helped with school tours at the Open Day and it really made me proud to know that so many people want to be a part of this lovely Wesley community.

It also helped me to get comfortable talking to other people and giving public speeches. My leadership experience has really taught me a lot as well, to become a role model for other people and to go by your promise and your commitments.

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