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Valentine’s ethos for living your healthiest life – with asthma

The pandemic has forced us all to be more resilient and resourceful, and for Valentine Mirzayantz (OW2019), this was a call to turn her chronic illness around, find her passion and build a business.

A chronic asthma sufferer with anaphylaxis and multiple food allergies, the inspiring 19-year-old spent much of 2020 focusing on her health and wellness.

'I began university in 2020 at Monash, soon deferring due to the constant lockdowns,' she says, 'And after yet another hospitalisation due to my asthma, l decided that l would use 2020 to take stock of my health.'

She approached her wellness journey as a full-time job, committing herself to a comprehensive holistic approach of Chinese medicine, intensive treatments of acupuncture, a diet overhaul and specific exercises to strengthen her lungs, mind and body. In six months, she had ‘conquered’ her asthma to a much more manageable level and found her attacks becoming rarer instead of daily. Finally, after over a decade on steroid medication, she was able to reduce her dependency and replace this medication with holistic Chinese herbal medicine in the form of 'teas.'

'I had rebuilt my weak immune system,' she says, 'regaining my health and energy made me realise I was finally well enough to lay the foundation for my future and help others on their own healing journey. I started my business to not only make elegant asthma and allergy accessories but to inspire other asthmatics to live their life as (what l like to call my ‘new’ life) a healthy life – with asthma’.

Valentine took the step to launch her online business, THE ASTHMA COLLECTIVE (tac.), in June this year. Her boutique collection stocks 18k gold Medical ID Jewellery and a core range of luxury vegan asthma ‘SKINS’ (cases) and ZIP POUCHES to hold Ventolins or other asthma puffers, allowing them to be close at hand when you need them. The cases can be clipped as an accessory onto schoolbags or any other type of bag.

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Watch Valentine explain how she turned her wellness journey into a full-time job with THE ASTHMA COLLECTIVE

'My goal is to help empower other sufferers to lead a healthy life – with asthma,' she says. 'I learnt so much on my journey to better health that I wanted to create a strong, loud and more modern voice about asthma. At times I would feel embarrassed to take out my Ventolin and I hid them in my school pencil case and blazer pocket, which always caused me to lose them. I hope to make others feel more confident carrying their medication and in their own SKIN.'

‘I am incredibly grateful for the support and care given to me during my time at Wesley. I cannot thank my teachers, staff and school enough for the understanding, kindness and compassion towards me, both as a student and a suffer of asthma. I could not have started THE ASTHMA COLLECTIVE without the skills I learnt during my time at school. Specifically Viscom (Visual Communication and design) which allowed me to design my product, website and overall brand. I truly believe the subjects l took during my three years at Wesley, allowed me to find my passion and give me the skills to begin my venture. l will forever cherish and miss the time l spent at school!'

Valentine is offering all Wesley students, parents and families the opportunity to purchase any product on the site with a 30% discount from now until the end of September.

Use code: WESLEY30 at

You can find more about tac. on their social media @theasthmacollective on Instagram.