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Workshops on respectful relationships

Workshops with Bravehearts are some of the respectful relationship education sessions students are participating in

This term our Year 11 and 12 students have been participating in prevention and education workshops with Bravehearts, Australia's leading child protection organisation.

The student program is delivered in small groups and explores the topics of respectful relationships and personal safety for adolescents.

The first session addressed the challenges students face and the skills and strengths they possess, and the knowledge Bravehearts can provide, to help them navigate difficult situations. Students were encouraged to work collaboratively and apply critical thinking to solve complex issues unique to their everyday environment such as recognising toxic relationships, consent and supporting a friend.

Bravehearts will be returning to run more workshops throughout the year for Years 7 to 12 on topics including respectful relationships, understanding emotions, consent, confidentiality, bullying, internet safety, sexting, pornography, stress and seeking help.

Next term, age-appropriate programs for ECLC to Year 6 will commence, again delivered by Bravehearts and their specialist trainers.

The sessions for our younger learners will cover topics such as yes and no feelings; warning signs; scared and yucky feelings; private parts and privacy; it’s okay to say 'no' if you don’t feel safe; and what to do if you feel unsafe or unsure.

College staff will also be expanding their knowledge about topics including managing trauma in the classroom, understanding problematic sexual behaviour and sexual harm and teaching personal safety. Parents, too, will be able to access an online session for their own learning and additional online resources.

The delivery of these programs is one way the College is committing to cultural change and the wellbeing of our students and staff. Other initiatives and policies have been introduced and will continue to be introduced and we look forward to sharing them.