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Wrestling a gold medal out of the competition

Liam Gusti with gold medal

Seventeen-year-old Liam Gusti, a Year 12 student at Wesley’s Glen Waverley Campus, has won gold at two national wrestling competitions.

Wrestling against his siblings from a young age gave Liam a head-start in an exciting sport that can be both entertaining and competitive.

While the theatrics of the WWE are far from Liam’s mind when he’s on the mat (‘I leave the acting to my brother,’ Liam says), he does know how to put on a good show.

In May, the Year 12 Glen Waverley student competed at the Australian Institute of Sport in Canberra for Wrestling Australia’s Freestyle Wrestling national title. There, he took home gold in the national 18 – 21 year old 65kg division.

At the same competition, he also wrestled and beat the bronze medallist from the 70kg weight division from NSW.

‘Wrestling is a passion of mine but not something I originally thought I’d be any good at. My head coach Amin Yaqohbi endlessly encouraged me to train every day; from then on, participating and competing was inevitable with the right team and support. It is not a common sport in Australian schools, so I’m pleased to be able to represent Wesley and Mat Masters Academy at competitions,’ Liam says.

In July, he competed for Victoria in the Australia Cup with another two great results, taking home gold again in the Junior 65kg division as well as overcoming the gold medallist from the division above (Junior 74kg).

‘We are thrilled for Liam,’ Jill Caple, Head of Senior School at the Wesley Glen Waverley Campus said. ‘Liam has worked hard to reach these heights in wrestling, and we are proud to support him in all his endeavours. He has mentioned to me that he plans to continue competitive wrestling post-school, so I’m looking forward to following his progression in the sport.’

The Year 12 student has displayed great discipline and time management, balancing studies with a gruelling training schedule.

‘I love wrestling and I can’t imagine not competing,’ Liam says. ‘In fact, it has helped me learn to balance my studies and stay fit, as wrestling is the hardest thing I’ve ever done.’