Wesley provides a world-class education that embraces, encourages and celebrates inclusivity, acceptance, diversity and the development of the whole child.

We value:

  • The individual talents and worth of each person
  • The achievement of personal best in all areas of learning
  • Diversity and openness
  • Care for the emotional and social wellbeing of everyone in our community
  • A broad and balanced curriculum
  • Spirituality – embracing Christianity and other faiths
  • The history and traditions of the school.
Attributes of a Wesley graduate

Wesley’s holistic approach to learning, embodied in a true education, prepares our graduates to achieve in all aspects of life and contribute to creating a better world.

We aim for all graduates to possess:

  • A sense of personal confidence – a feeling of belonging, self-worth and place, strengthened by supportive and trusting relationships.
  • Knowledge – the ability to thrive and function in different environments with a diverse range of people; knowing how to deal with challenges, seek solutions and make ethically sound judgements.
  • A developing understanding – an appreciation of community, human rights and cultural diversity, and a commitment to social justice.
  • Balance – the understanding that a balanced life is dependent on intellectual, creative, spiritual, physical, emotional and social growth.

Living our values

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