Building a sense of belonging

Cooking up a storm at Ronald McDonald House. (L-R) Mackenzie Dalton (Year 12), Jennifer Taylor (Year 12) and Julian Kaufhold (Year 11)

Building a sense of belonging and connectedness to peers and place is a crucial focus within Learning in Residence (LiR) at Glen Waverley.

Primarily, this is because we understand - from a large body of internationally recognised research - that students who feel a strong sense of belonging are more engaged with the life of the school and are more likely to have a strong sense of wellbeing.

With over 30 new boarders - the largest number of new boarders entering LiR at the one time since its inception – creating opportunities to have fun, build connections and learn new skills has been a key feature of the residential curriculum in 2023.

Many day-school students often ask boarders: 'What do you do after school and on weekends?' The answer is that there is no simple answer! The program is student-centred and will be different for everyone depending on their interests, commitments and preferences.

Lara Rees (Year 10) leads the cake decorating competition within LiR

New additions to the program that have been a highlight for many include regular visits to Ronald McDonald House to prepare meals for families experiencing challenging circumstances as part of our community service program, mat pilates, hot yoga, virtual reality, self-defence classes, cake decorating competitions, AFL games at the MCG, learning to drive and learning to swim programs.

These residential curriculum experiences form many of the best and longest lasting memories students have of boarding at Wesley, creating connections that often develop into lasting friendships.

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