After a long and busy week, students and staff are usually feeling a little drained and tired, so what better way to lift spirits and boost morale than by using our ROAR principles to create an engaging and vibrant atmosphere at the start of the day!

Teachers Dylan Hatfield and Di Osborn celebrate 'Thumbs Up Friday' with Year 9 students Gini Srivastava and Patrick McGurn

In Years 8 and 9 at Glen Waverley, students participate in ‘Thumbs Up Friday’ and in Year 7, there is the ROARward. Different names, same concept: it’s about ‘catching the good’ in our students, however small. During the week, students and staff alike nominate anyone who has been seen to demonstrate the ROAR principles. Then, on Friday mornings, we come together to acknowledge each other’s good deeds.

Each nomination is linked to the ROAR framework. For instance, ‘Respectful’ actions are acknowledged, along with students who take advantage of the ‘Opportunities’ offered to them, students who ‘Achieve’ and those who show ‘Resilience’.

The great thing about ‘Thumbs Up Friday’ is that is it student led. Students frequently speak to their peers about the activities they have been involved in that week, announce the nominations and in Year 9, there’s also a fun Tutor Group vs Tutor Group quiz! The ‘Thumbs Up’ sticker that students receive was even designed by a student.

Best of all, the students love it! Bailey Ronalds (Year 9) said, ‘To me, ‘Thumbs up Friday’ is a great way to feel good about what you have achieved during the week. It gives students motivation to be kinder and nicer people. ‘Thumbs up Friday’ is also something to look forward to on a Friday morning because it’s fun and a good way to end the week.’

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