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College snapshots

Making the unknown known

‘Lock-down Melbourne,’ intaglio dry point etching print in black ink by Dion Zouky

In an unprecedented year of uncertainties, new normals, social distances, lockdowns and pivots, making your unknown known has never been more important – as our graduating visual arts students understand.

One way to make sense of the unknown is through the visual arts. In the words of artist Georgia O’Keeffe, ‘A real living (art)form is the result of the individual’s effort to create the living thing out of the adventure of his (or her) spirit into the unknown… (the) not understood.., to make the unknown known.’ That’s an understanding our graduating Visual Arts students have demonstrated in their artworks in many mediums.

VCE Studio Arts, VCE Media, VCE Visual Communication and IB DP Visual Arts students this year have ventured into the unknown to explore the not understood, to make the unknown known, and their artworks were on show in the annual Graduate Art Exhibition at the Coates Pavilion at the Glen Waverley Campus and the Visual Arts and Design Precinct in the RVIB building at the St Kilda Road Campus. Ongoing public health measures prevented a live exhibition opening and public gathering, but you can still get a taste of the amazing creativity of Wesley’s graduating visual arts students at virtual exhibitions from both campuses.

As Michele Maher, Head of Faculty, The Arts, at Glen Waverley explains, ‘We all know that lockdown created may difficulties for Melburnians and for our students, but it actually prompted a lot of creative energy for them as well. They worked hard on their artistic practice from home, with art supplies being ferried out as required and teacher guidance online. Lockdown meant they needed to be more creative than ever and look for alternative ways to express their artistic ideas and create their works.’

Amelia Judd, Head of Faculty, The Arts, at St Kilda Road, likewise notes the creativity of our students but also their impressive resilience. ‘The barriers created by the lockdown haven’t limited the students at all. Quite the opposite: through their art they’ve really explored the unknown, and in a variety of mediums including textiles, printmaking, mixed-media, photography, drawing, oil painting, sculpture, ceramics, laser cutting, installation, print-media and as well as film and digital artworks. Congratulations to all!’

>>  Watch the Glen Waverley Campus interactive visual arts virtual exhibition.
>>  Watch the Glen Waverley Campus interactive visual communication virtual exhibition.
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