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Memories from The Hutch

Remembering fond times of The Hutch

Beyond our Reunion and Events program are the wonderful stories we hear of OWs getting back together to celebrate unique bonds and experiences. It was terrific to receive this photo of eight OWs who were together in 1958 in Grade 4 of The Hutch, then a house located on the High Street side of the St Kilda Road Campus. They reunited recently at The Pantry in Brighton.

According to Roger Mendelson (OW1967), a central figure of this group and devoted OW catalyst, ‘It was truly a very special occasion. The spirit of Miss Hattam would have been looking down from her heavenly abode, peering over her glasses, with her stern demeanour, which would melt into a (slight) smile. She helped to produce a pretty good bunch!’

The Hutch, once the name for the Junior School at St Kilda Road, continues its tradition in the form of the Early Childhood Learning Centre (ECLC) at the Junior School in St Kilda Road, where a whole range of new traditions have been formed over the past 25 years.

There were 24 students back in Miss Hattam’s class in 1958 and we’re sure that this group would love to hear from others. On this occasion they received apologies from John Butler (OW1967), Robin McBride (OW1966), Field Rickards (OW1966) and Andrew Roberts (OW1966).

The OWCA Office are happy to assist in making contact. You can email us at OWCA@wesleycollege.edu.au

Image: Remembering fond times of The Hutch back in 1958 were (L – R) Matthew Critchley (OW1968), Peter Mitchell (OW1966), Robert Burns (OW1967), John Durlacher (OW1967), Roger Mendelson (OW1967), Peter Dixon (OW1966), Russell Levy (OW1966) and Allen Nosworthy (OW1967).

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